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BMW expanding its charging network in China

Hu Yumo
German automaker announces strategic cooperation with State Grid EV Service as it aims to create the possibility of zero-emission long-distance travel for the first time.
Hu Yumo

BMW announced strategic cooperation with State Grid EV (Electric Vehicle) Service on Wednesday, as it aims to further expand its charging network in China.

The agreement between the German automaker and China’s largest highway charging pillar operator will cover charging technology research and innovation, charging service product cooperation and promotion work, as well as the application of green technologies.

BMW continues to expand the charging network offered for Chinese customers. In 2020, its charging network in China will more than double to reach 270,000 charging pillars. The company has more than 60,000 new-energy vehicle customers in China.

Through the cooperation BMW will soon offer direct current (DC) charging covering more than 30,000 kilometers of highways nationwide, creating the possibility of zero-emission long-distance travel for the first time.

By establishing a partnership with State Grid EV Service, BMW will be part of research to explore charging technology of the future centering on high power charging to enhance charging speed.

BMW will also make efforts toward jointly establishing unified technical specifications for high-power charging and contribute to creating global standards, aiming to create a better charging experience for the entire market.

The carmaker is actively exploring the possibility of creating a greener energy cycle in the Chinese market. For example, the partnership also includes piloting the use of alternative energy for vehicle charging, as well as battery recycling.

BMW will also explore battery reuse and recycling technology, testing feasibility and various options, developing related research and development and promote sustainability throughout the new-energy vehicle product lifecycle.

As a part of the partnership, BMW has set up charging stations at dealerships and will pilot charging, solar and storage three-in-one solutions. These stations will utilize solar energy for customers to charge their vehicles, as well as for dealership use in showrooms and aftersales workshops. The stations will create a green energy cycle, reduce emissions and enhance sustainability throughout the value chain. A pilot station will be completed within the year.

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