Lighting giant promotes UV equipment in China

Ding Yining
Signify's disinfection lights can break down viruses and bacteria, making them ideal for schools, offices and other professional clients.
Ding Yining

Lighting systems company Signify said it's accelerating the adoption of UV-C disinfection lighting with new luminaires and equipment for the professional market in China, with new product launches and production capacity increases.

“To support offices, schools, public transportation, retail outlets and many businesses as they strive to disinfect their spaces, we’ve leveraged our knowledge and experience in UV-C lighting, making multiple product ranges available for professionals,” said John Wang, senior vice president at Signify and president of Signify China.

The technology is targeted at the disinfection of surfaces in offices, schools and restrooms and Signify said that it plans to make its UV lights available to other lighting companies.

The products currently come in the forms of wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted upper air luminaires, fixed installation of luminaires, trolley and chamber for a wide variety of professional applications and home use. 

UV-C breaks down the DNA and/or RNA of micro-organisms, including viruses and bacteria, rendering them harmless.

Signify’s UV-C light sources inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 in a matter of seconds, according to a recent study performed by Boston University in collaboration with Signify Research.

“We're confident of the long term growth potential for disinfectant facilities even after the pandemic threat retreats as it can also be used for other commercial and home cleaning and anti-virus demands," Wang said.  

Globally its production capacity for UV-C lightsources already hiked eight times compared with same period last year.

In China the company is also working with industry associations for a standard for the disinfectant efficacy of lightsources.

"Our development in China fits well with the country's call for industry upgrade and consumption upgrade since we first launched production sites here," he added. 

China is already the second-largest market for Signify and it has set up research capabilities to develop new technologies locally.

Over the years it gradually added local research and development facilities and products made in China are also exported to other overseas markets.

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