Yuhang rides on CIIE to lure money, talent

Wu Huixin
Hangzhou's Yuhang District is showcasing its edge in high technology, culture and environment in a bid to lure more investment and talent.
Wu Huixin

Hangzhou’s Yuhang District is showcasing its edge in high technology, culture and environment in a bid to lure more investment and talent at the second China International Import Expo.

The Yuhang exhibition booth was designed on theme of ancient Liangzhu city, which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in July. Organizers used multimedia and replicated Liangzhu artifacts to showcase the millennia-old civilization on the spot.

Two Yuhang-based companies participated in the expo on behalf of the district. Panex is one of the largest cross-border logistics companies in Hangzhou. Its business covers Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, the UK, Norway, Finland, Japan and the US, including 16 overseas subsidiaries and 45 overseas warehouses with a total area of 200,000 square meters.

Yuhang rides on CIIE to lure money, talent
Ti Gong

A bird’s-eye view of Future Sci-tech City

Yuhang rides on CIIE to lure money, talent
Ti Gong

The Yuhang exhibition booth designed on theme of ancient Liangzhu city attracts lots of visitors at the second China International Import Expo. 

One of its subsidiaries, 50N Natural Ecology Group Ltd in Vancouver displayed Canadian specialties at the expo, including seafood, maple water and flaxseed oil.

Java Coffee Machine, the US subsidiary of Wanshida Co, launched a series of new products using the Internet of Things and online payments.

The Yuhang government gathered 300 delegates from local government departments, organizations and companies to draw experience from other countries in tourism, education, medical services and commerce.

Before the CIIE, the Yuhang District government invited about 120 delegates from Shanghai-based organizations and companies to its cooperation seminar to seek more business opportunities from Shanghai.

At the seminar, Yuhang signed contracts with 13 enterprises, including six new manufacturing and four digital economic projects.

The government also announced the establishment of an innovation center, Dream Town, in Shanghai.

Dream Town, a heaven for Internet industry startups, is in the center of Future Sci-tech City, which is a noted incubator for high-tech businesses in Hangzhou. In May, it introduced 5G in its China (Hangzhou) 5G Innovation Park, becoming one of the forerunners in the new technology in China.

The innovation center will be set up in Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park in Shanghai. It is expected to be a bridgehead for attracting hi-tech talent and promising projects for Yuhang District.

It also aims to be a platform for university students to start up new business. The center creates an embryo for startups, and then transfers them to Yuhang for further research and development.

Meanwhile, the center is going to give a boost to the Yangtze River Delta integration. Shanghai and Yuhang could work together more closely through this platform.

Today, artificial intelligence, fashion and digital industries are the economic engines of Yuhang. By the end of September, the digital economy had accounted for 59.9 percent of the district’s gross domestic product — the highest prorportion in Zhejiang Province.

Last month, the central government approved its AI innovation and pilot zone, heralding a new chapter for high-tech development.

Backed by the district government, the Alibaba DAMO (Discovery, Adventure, Momentum and Outlook) Academy moved to Yuhang, injecting new energy into AI and digital industries.

Yuhang rides on CIIE to lure money, talent

The nigh view of Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone

In addition to major companies, Yuhang has a cluster effect of medium-sized high-tech companies, as well as small innovation studios, covering new-energy vehicles, environmental protection devices, modern logistics facilities, AI robots and biomedicine.

Traditional industries like fashion and textiles continue to thrive. Yuhang’s textile industry accounts for a quarter of China’s textile sector.

It cashes in on e-commerce and digital trends, integrating production with new retail strategies and then carving out new market space from online e-business.

The Hangzhou government established Yuhang Town as a hub for textile products in the Yangtze River Delta region, aiming to lead the fashion industry.

The government has cooperated with prestigious art universities, setting up an exchange center and a design academy to atttract talent and develop the industry.

Last year, Yuhang hosted the second World Industrial Design Conference to join hands with international organizations and design institutions to promote design creativity.

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