Discounts and deals at city food festival

Huang Yixuan
A series of activities will be held across Shanghai from the end of April to the end of June that will include special deals at thousands of restaurants.
Huang Yixuan

A food festival in the city will see various activities on offer to the public from the end of April to the end of June.

Discounts and special deals at tens of thousands of restaurants in May can be found on online platforms such as Meituan-Dianping, a group-discount website.

From mid-May to mid-June, the city will hold a snack fete with activities including exhibitions, public votes and pastry making. Meanwhile, well-established brands in Shanghai, or Laozihao, will offer special deals to consumers.

Over a thousand foreign restaurants in the city will take part in a global food carnival to show the food and culture of different countries, at which they will offer discounts and organize a livestreaming competition.

During the two-month food festival, people will be encouraged with coupons and gifts to take pictures at restaurants and post them on social media.

To guarantee a safe and healthy way of eating, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic remains a concern, Shanghai on Wednesday launched local standards asking catering service companies to serve food individually.

The city also advocates that people should have separate dishes even at home, to gradually guide the public to adopt a more healthy way of eating.

At present, about 30 percent catering enterprises in the city can serve meals individually, and some families also promote the use of serving chopsticks and spoons, according to the Shanghai Commission of Commerce.

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