China Brand Day to go online from May 10

Huang Yixuan
The annual event will be the first state-level exhibition to be held this year since the COVID-19 outbreak and will also become the nation's first high-level cloud expo. 
Huang Yixuan

China Brand Day, the first state-level exhibition since the COVID-19 outbreak, will be held online from May 10 to 12. It will also be the first high-level cloud expo.

The theme is "China Brand, World Sharing; All-Round Moderate Prosperity; Sophisticated Life; Power of Brand-Combating COVID-19 In Full Swing,” and China Brand Day Online 2020 will also connect with Shanghai's Double Five Shopping Festival, with a number of well-established brands in the city taking part in the expo.

Shanghai’s cloud pavilion will feature a virtual Oriental Pearl Tower's sphere as the main venue and the city's nightscape on both sides of the Huangpu River as the backdrop. Visitors will interact with the expo via video, text, graphics and live broadcasts.

There will be 40 brands in the Shanghai cloud pavilion, including industry leaders such as medical equipment firm United Imaging, candy maker White Rabbit, and artificial intelligence SaaS (software as a service) company SenseTime.

The exhibition will be presented in various forms including virtual reality, short videos, text and graphics, and interactive games.

The Shanghai pavilion will also connect with various platforms to interact with visitors in real time, for instance, posting hot topics and launching live broadcasts on online platforms such as Tencent, Bilibili, Douyin and Tmall.

Zhou Wei, executive director of Donghao Lansheng Group Shanghai international Trade Promotion Co, the expo's major organizer, said the cloud expo will not be a substitute for traditional exhibitions but serve a complementary role in enhancing the influence of Chinese brands, as well as the integration of various methods of presentation and communication.

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