Livestreaming shows a highlight of Quality Life Week

Ding Yining
Quality Life Week, featuring more than 300 livestreaming shows by major local Internet sites and shopping platforms, kicks off on Saturday. 
Ding Yining
Shot by Zhou Shengjie. Edited by Zhou Shengjie and Hu Jun. Subtitles by Wang Xinzhou and Andy Boreham.
Livestreaming shows a highlight of Quality Life Week
Ti Gong

Quality Life Week is launched on Saturday. 

Quality Life Week, featuring more than 300 livestreaming shows by major local Internet sites and shopping platforms, kicked off on Saturday. 

E-tailers, online travel agencies and lifestyle services platforms announced a total of 3 billion yuan (US$422.5 million) worth of discounts as part of the Double Five (May 5) Shopping Festival.

It is hosted by the Publicity Department of the CPPCC Shanghai Committee, Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism and Shanghai Commerce Commission. 

The five main themes during the week are Beauty In Fashion, Beauty In Youth, Beauty Of Classics, Beauty At Home and Beauty Explored. 

"Through the various events of Quality Life Week, we hope to bring together different forms of high-quality products and lifestyle services regardless of which industry they belong to," said Liu Haiying, head of the reform and development office of the Publicity Department of the CPPCC Shanghai Committee. 

Local digital companies, time-honored brands and tourism attractions have been active and very supportive in participating in the Quality Life Week to further enhance Shanghai's position as a vibrant hub for quality lifestyle. 

"We also follow the city government's three-year action plan to build the city into an advanced hub for digital applications and action plan to fuel economic growth," Liu said.

The amount of sales from livestreaming channels over the Labor Day holiday jumped 4.6 times, while new business models have emerged, she added.   

Livestreaming has become the latest trend for offline retailers to seek business restructuring and economic recovery when most activities took on virtual formats.

Wang Yayuan, vice director of the Publicity Department and deputy director of the Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Yu Xiufen, director of Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism, and Liu Min, deputy director of the Shanghai Commerce Commission, joined representatives from 10 local digital companies and e-tailers to kick off the weeklong event.

It will include livestreaming shows featuring hundreds of household local brands hosted by thousands of influencers introducing local attractions ranging from skyscrapers to the corners of stylish streets. 

Famous dancers and Peking opera actresses will also become ambassadors for local museums, art installation sites, fashion destinations and steamed bum cuisines.  

The eight-hour livestream repertoire will run till 8pm today. 

Lifestyle-sharing and e-commerce app RED and the video-sharing site Bilibili, both headquartered in Shanghai, are working with influencers who will be hitting the streets. 

They will take viewers  to scenic spots and cultural relics, exploring different ways to shop and enjoy their leisure.

"Through different offline scenarios we expect to bring more influence instead of just showing what physical products look like in the studio," said Zeng Xiulian, a partner at RED. 

"We have deep experience in lifestyle services and helping shoppers find the latest attractions in the city and we hope to fully leverage the interactive elements of live-streaming in the future," she added. 

During the weeklong event, some 1,000 influencers in the online community will live-stream through the app involving about 4,000 brands and discount coupons amounting to 100 million yuan. 

Alibaba's lifestyle services platforms have also taken to department stores and shopping malls to help viewers explore food vendors, fashion destinations and trendy spots. will combine its livestreaming with on-demand delivery by allowing viewers to place orders for food takeaways while they watch streaming. Several chain restaurants and bakeries will join  activities during the Quality Life Week.  It will also offer additional discount for membership subscribers for one week starting June 1. 

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