Shanghai brands to launch 1,000 new products

Yuan Luhang
Event to promote local products will get underway at 6:16pm on June 16 at the Shanghai Fashion Center with sales expected to raise at least 1 billion yuan (US$141 million).
Yuan Luhang

Shanghai brands are launching 1,000 new products at the Shanghai Fashion Center in Yangpu District at 6:16pm on June 16. They will include fashion brands K-boxing and Manloulan Chi-pao, Marie Dalgar and Herborist beauty products and Sixteen Jars snacks.

The event is being organized by the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization.

The products, all made in Shanghai, will be displayed in real-life scenes. The showroom will be turned into a modern home, with living room, bedroom, cloakroom, dressing room, study, dining room, kitchen and tea room, all featuring the new products.

The cloakroom, for example, will have jewelry items from Laofengxiang and Lao Miao Jewelry on display.

Six Shanghai e-commerce platforms, including Pinduoduo and Xiaohongshu, will hold livestream sales events for the products on display.

The commission expects sales to reach at least 1 billion yuan (US$141 million).

Meanwhile, more than 100 models, most from Donghua University, will present some of the new products during a 20-minute show of Shanghai scenes.

The activity will run to June 18. The commission said this is a pilot activity and it is exploring how to establish a long-term way to promote sales of Shanghai brands.

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