Special plans to prevent infection at CIIE

Huang Yixuan
Shanghai Commission of Commerce reveals plans for pandemic prevention and control at the upcoming China International Import Expo as it marks 20-day countdown to the event.
Huang Yixuan

Shanghai has special pandemic prevention and control plans in place for the China International Import Expo, the Shanghai Commission of Commerce said on Thursday at an event marking the 20-day countdown to the event.

Hua Yuan, director of the commission, and Chen Rongbiao, head of discipline inspection and supervision team at Shanghai Working Committee of Economy and Informatization, unveiled a Temporary General Party branch of the commission for the CIIE, and officially launched 15 working groups.

Hua highlighted the importance of prevention and control of COVID-19 before, during and after the expo.

"We should focus on the reception of foreign guests and earnestly implement the closed-loop management measures; ensure the supply of food and beverage as well as the supply of materials for prevention and control; and guide the National Convention and Exhibition Center to establish the epidemic prevention and control mechanism focusing on activities in the venue in accordance with relevant requirements of the state and the city," Hua said.

The commission revealed that the various support groups for this year’s Expo had made special plans for prevention and control, emergency response plans, technical guidelines and corresponding contingency plans.

The expo has opened up a green channel for rapid customs clearance and inspection and quarantine of exhibits, and will carry out preventive disinfection measures for the inspection and quarantine of imported goods.

It has also strengthened the safety management of imported cold chain exhibits and is implementing batch-by-batch warehousing and making unified arrangements for the delivery of exhibits to the venue.

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