CIIE in the eyes of global CEOs | Tapestry: inspiring a better Life for a shared future

Yann Bozec
China is not only a crucial market, but also a source of inspiration for brands in seeking breakthroughs and innovations, said Yann Bozec, president of Tapestry Asia Pacific.
Yann Bozec

Editor's notes:

It is the fifth time for the China International Import Expo to take place in Shanghai, and CIIE has been increasingly recognized by global businesses as a great platform to get connected with China and beyond. Again, we invite some of them to voice their opinions, which is to shed light upon the CIIE this year!

CIIE in the eyes of global CEOs | Tapestry: inspiring a better Life for a shared future

Yann Bozec, President of Tapestry Asia Pacific/President and CEO of COACH China

This year marks the fourth consecutive year that Tapestry will participate in the China International Import Expo.

As an "old friend," we clearly see and deeply feel the commitment of the country to connect with the world for a shared future through the platform. And as the expo mark's its fifth anniversary, we are very excited to be part of this milestone moment.

As one of the first companies that committed to participating in the CIIE for three consecutive years, the Tapestry group and its three brands – COACH, kate spade and Stuart Weitzman – bring a diverse range of innovative exhibits and are committed to creating unique experiences for Chinese consumers and guests.

Looking back, each year for us has meant embarking on a wonderful journey to inspire a better life. The spillover effect, the diverse cooperation with all partners, all enabled us to pursue a better way forward with confident resolve and commitment.

As the expo marks the fifth anniversary, we will all meet again for a warm reunion of familiar faces, writing a new chapter with new friends and old alike.

For Tapestry, China is not only a crucial market, but also a source of inspiration for brands in seeking breakthroughs and innovations. We have been actively seeking cooperation with local outstanding artistic talents to facilitate international exchanges for Chinese leaders in creative design.

Here in Shanghai – as our Asia Pacific headquarter – the city is of significance to us. Not only the annual commitment of CIIE, but also many other beautiful memories here – In December 2018, the group's brand COACH held the runway show in Shanghai, the first time we had done that in a city other than New York, we cooperated with four Chinese artists to present the cultural confidence brought by "Chinese design." In June last year, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the COACH brand, the world premiere show returned to Shanghai once again. The nostalgic re-enactment of the 1970s drive-in theaters in the Shanghai Exhibition Center brought a wonderful feast for the eyes to Shanghai and the global audience.

Last year, our brand COACH and Shanghai Donghua University jointly launched the "China Cool" training project for young designers with the aim of empowering young talent and helping Chinese design get exposure on a bigger stage. Some of the outstanding works by the students were also brought at the CIIE last year for all to see, presenting the fashion concepts of young contemporary Chinese designers, allowing more people to feel and understand the new wave in Chinese design. On the occasion of International Women's Day this year, the Caring Catty series of student works in this project made their commercial debut, the part of the proceeds of the product were donated to the Chinese Women's Development Public Welfare Project, empowering women development and growth.

In June this year, we are once again teaming up with Donghua University to start a new journey of exploration, encouraging students from different professional backgrounds and with different skillsets to form a diverse team to further explore the fashion industry chain through "creative companies", giving a snapshot of Chinese fashion stories from today's youth and promote the creation of an innovative training platform for talent in the fashion industry. Recently, we achieved cooperation with UCCA that will see its cutting-edge artists create a fusion experience between fashion and art. At present, we are also co-creating with more local brands and artistic forces in the hope of integrating more new inspirations on fashion and living a better life. As such, we look forward to bringing you more surprises at this year's CIIE.

Deeply rooted in the dynamic market, Tapestry's consumer-centric approach remains unchanged and we continue to promote the digitalization transformation, as well as constantly improving the omni channel experience for consumers. We have also further increased cooperation with local partners and invested in the market to continue to bring new surprises to the Chinese fashion industry. Here in Shanghai – our home city, we are committed to bringing more inspiring moments with vitality, passion and enthusiasm, to stretch what's possible for a better life, for a better way forward of the city, for people living here.

The CIIE platform the expo provides is growing bigger every year, and the annual gathering demonstrates China's open mindedness and great power. We look forward to experiencing more exciting possibilities on this now well familiar and surprising stage. We are always willing to establish more partnerships, with whom we will join hands to promote the continuous development of China's fashion industry and fully satisfy the yearning and pursuits of Chinese consumers for a better life.

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