Guizhou showcases its specialties in Shanghai

Hu Min
Guizhou Province in southwest China is bringing its specialties to an exhibition in Shanghai in an effort to entice local taste buds and promote tourism.
Hu Min
Guizhou showcases its specialties in Shanghai
Kang Yu

Guizhou's specialties showcased in Shanghai

From dried meat and fruit beverages to vegetables and tea, Guizhou Province in southwest China is bringing all its specialties to Shanghai in an effort to entice local taste buds.

On the weekend, the Shanghai Exhibition Center in Jing'an District is hosting a bazaar offering 127 different Guizhou specialties from 61 different companies.

Intangible cultural heritage crafts, wine, pre-cooked meals, tea, specialty food, beverages and health items are among the seven sectors included.

Among these are wonderful embroidery works, batik items and silver jewelry, as well as fine plateau tea and beverages created from nutritious locally cultivated fruits.

There will also be performances, marketing, livestreaming, tasting activities and events aimed at attracting business investment.

Guizhou showcases its specialties in Shanghai
Kang Yu

Signing cooperation agreements.

Over the years, Shanghai has aided Guizhou's growth, and the two sides have deepened cooperation in industrial cultivation, business and trade, and cultural exchange.

Guizhou's specialty product sales in Shanghai reached 174,800 tons last year, earning 2.544 billion yuan (US$353 million) and benefiting more than 20,000 farmers in the province.

Guizhou specialty items have an excellent reputation in Shanghai and are very appealing to Shanghai citizens, according to Lu Wei, deputy director of the Shanghai government's Cooperation and Exchange Office.

According to Lu, the event will promote green, healthy and safe specialties from Guizhou to Shanghai, as well as ties between Shanghai and Guizhou residents.

Guizhou's beautiful scenery is also being promoted here.

The province is known for its stunning scenery, including the Huangguoshu Waterfall, Xijiang's ethnic Miao minority, and the karst landscape of Libo County and Fanjing Mountain, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It is a popular summer destination due to its cool temperatures during the season.

If you go:

Date: 9am-5pm, through July 23

Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Center 上海展览中心

Address: 1000 Yan'an Rd M., Jing'an District 上海市静安区延安中路1000号

Admission: Free

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