Deputies seek cross-border trade support

Huang Yixuan
A Pudong New Area representative puts forward a proposal for measures to make clear regulations and standards for cross-border e-commerce platforms and related logistics companies. 
Huang Yixuan

Deputies to the Shanghai People's Congress are calling for more support and clearer regulations for industries related to cross-border trade.

Foreign trade has always played an important role in boosting economic growth and supporting the opening-up of markets. Chinese consumers are also becoming increasingly familiar with cross-border e-commerce.

Shen Yi, a deputy from the Pudong New Area, is proposing measures to make clear the regulations and standards for cross-border e-commerce platforms and related logistics companies.

Cross-border e-commerce is developing at a fast pace, and has also accelerated reform of the logistics industry. Along with that growth, Shen said, certain challenges and problems are inevitable, such as the large number of transport links involved, various procedures for customs clearance in different countries, and a lack of standardization in managing data and work flow.

Shen suggested normalizing data and processes from source to strengthen the accountability and evaluation system, to step up training on policies, and to enhance supervision in the industry.

Han Na, a lawmaker from Putuo District, submitted a proposal calling for further integration of resources to help enterprises deal with legal risks in cross-border trade and investment.

Han proposed that governments should promote the construction of platforms offering legal services for affairs related to foreign trade and enhance integration of resources to better encourage and support enterprises to expand business overseas.

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