Banks implement new procedures amid pandemic

Tracy Li
Despite the massive lockdown, banks are working to serve customers, while following pandemic control measures.
Tracy Li
Edited by Zhong Youyang.

Some banks are acting to ensure smooth delivery of their services following the city's latest massive lockdown.

Singapore's leading consumer bank, DBS, said key staff in its technology department will remain at work in its China headquarters in the Pudong New Area from Monday.

Shanghai announced on Sunday night that it will carry out a new round of massive nucleic acid testing from Monday morning, first in Pudong and then in the Puxi area.

During the lockdown, the Shanghai branch of China ZheShang Bank( CZBank) said it will try its best to offer customers services while meeting pandemic prevention controls.

Five of its 11 outlets were open on Monday, while the rest are temporarily closed due to control policies.

Banking officers, apart from those who have to be personally be in the office, will work from home and participate in community volunteer activities, CZBank said.

Banks implement new procedures amid pandemic
Ti Gong

An account manager for small business at China Zheshang Bank offers on-site services to customers.

Standard Chartered China has implemented its business continuity plan to ensure smooth delivery of its financial services.

While arranging for employees in Shanghai to work flexibly from home, the bank also has some employees in key technical positions in the office and on duty.

On Monday, Standard Chartered Bank maintained operations at seven outlets in Puxi.

The Shanghai branch of the Bank of Ningbo said it had implemented its "duty system" to optimize network service.

With business staff standing by 24 hours a day, it continues to offer financial services for frontline anti-pandemic enterprises.

Banks implement new procedures amid pandemic
Ti Gong

The Bank of Ningbo organized employees to join frontline pandemic prevention activities.

Since mid-March, the Bank of Ningbo has increased material reserves at branches and sub-branches to ensure reserves per person can last at least 15 days.

The bank is encouraging its customers to use online banking.

For transactions that must be done at outlets, the bank has prepared special areas to ensure closed-loop operations.

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