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Chinese mobile firms agree on a unified Type-C interface

Zhou Xiaoran Wang Qingchu
China is encouraging the standardization of fast-charging technologies by leveraging the Type-C interface. Standardizing it will reduce e-waste and improve resource use.
Zhou Xiaoran Wang Qingchu

China has been actively promoting the standardization of fast-charging technology with Chinese mobile phone manufacturers using the unified Type-C interface.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced at the beginning of this year that it will continue to support the launch of national standards for charging interfaces. This will address the issue of incompatibility between fast-charging systems from various manufacturers.

The standardization of fast-charging technology is conducive to reducing e-waste and improving resource utilization efficiency.

According to several industry insiders, the Type-C interface now being adopted by local manufacturers can allow higher charging efficiency and give customers a better charging experience compared with Apple's Lightning and Micro USB interfaces, the China Central Television stated.

According to the CCTV report, China will take the lead in unifying charging standards for fast charging.

On July 6, Parliament and Council negotiators of the European Union also agreed on the standardization of fast charging technology. By 2024, all mobile phones, tablets, and cameras in the EU must have USB Type-C and have the same charging speed. This way, users can use any charger that works with their device and charge it at the same speed, making it easier and more convenient to buy mobile devices.

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