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Baidu releases Ernie Bot chatbot, for AI solutions

Ding Yining
Baidu becomes the first Chinese company to release a deep-learning AI model similar to ChatGPT. The company's Ernie Bot already has 30,000 companies applying for the test version.
Ding Yining

Baidu's ERNIE bot generated an image with text prompts.

Chinese search giant and AI solution provider Baidu unveiled its artificial intelligence-powered chatbot on Thursday, becoming the first major Chinese company to unveil a deep-learning model after ChatGPT.

Baidu CEO Robin Li told a press conference in Beijing that Ernie Bot is not a countermeasure against Open AI's initiative, but a natural result from its long-term research efforts.

He expected AI-powered models to be a game changer, and would become easily accessible as a format of cloud service for many industries.

More than 30,000 companies have applied to join the test version through application programming interface following the Thursday afternoon release.

But Baidu's Kong-listed shares tumbled as much as 10 percent in the afternoon before closing down 6.4 percent since the functions of Ernie Bot were presented through pre-recorded videos rather than real-time.

Industry watchers said Baidu's stock has already climbed high prior to the official announcement, and the current version won't have much significant impact on its earnings in the short term.

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