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Shanghai gears up for WAIC 2024 with 1,600 AI jobs on offer

Zhu Shenshen
The 30-day countdown for the conference has begun with the city targeting domestic and international talent, a reflection of its rapid transformation into a global AI powerhouse.
Zhu Shenshen

Shanghai is gearing up to attract top talent in the artificial intelligence field by offering around 1,600 AI jobs across various platforms during the 30-day countdown to the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2024.

The positions, targeted at both domestic and international talent, will be published on the official WAIC platforms and the Shanghai Foreign Service Holding Group (FSG), 51job and Liepin websites. The postings are a reflection of Shanghai's rapid transformation into a global AI powerhouse, attracting startups and established organizations alike.

Shanghai gears up for WAIC 2024 with 1,600 AI jobs on offer

Professors, business executives, startup representatives and students gather in Shanghai to talk about AI talent trends and skills.

"Recruiting talent now occupies a significant portion of my workweek, as almost a whole day for each week," said Jia Zhengmeng, chief technology officer at the Huawei Shanghai Ascend Innovation Center. He emphasized the critical role talent plays in fostering a robust AI ecosystem within China.

Shanghai's thriving AI ecosystem is fueled by several key factors. The city offers abundant AI computing power, a supportive business environment, and a vast array of potential applications across various sectors such as e-commerce, media, gaming and health care. This fertile ground makes Shanghai a highly attractive destination for AI professionals.

According to Shanghai's development blueprint, AI, biomedicine and chip development are the three pioneering fields driving the city's innovation and digital transformation. The upcoming WAIC 2024 and its associated job opportunities serve as a testament to Shanghai's commitment to becoming a leader in the global AI landscape.

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