100 characters from Kouga Hirano

Renowned designer's "characters that breathe" feature in a book published by the Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House.

“Kouga Hirano’s 100 Characters,” published by Shanghai People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, selects 100 characters among 7,000 from Kouga Hirano, one of Japan’s top designers. 

Born in 1938 in Seoul, Hirano graduated from Musashino University. He is renowned for his designs and especially his special handwritten characters. His typeface is described as “characters that can breathe” in the design community.

With a profound knowledge of different styles of Chinese calligraphy, Hirano is sensitive toward Chinese pictographic characters. 

At the book launch at JIC Books, REEJI Type, a Chinese typeface design company established in 2014, announced cooperation between REEJI Type and Hirano.

100 characters from Kouga Hirano
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