High-tech keeps Weben electromechanical operating remotely

Yu Hong
China Telecom is helping Songjiang firms operate using the cloud, 5G and artificial intelligence.
Yu Hong
High-tech keeps Weben electromechanical operating remotely
Ti Gong

A worker of Weben Intelligent Electromechanical Co uses 5G technology to operate a new machine.

Digital technologies, including 5G and artificial intelligence, have been applied to communication enterprises in Songjiang to help them resume work and production with the help of China Telecom's Songjiang Branch.

Weben Intelligent Electromechanical Co Ltd is one of the beneficiaries, launching the Chinatelecom Cloud Desk at the end of March to make sure it could operate normally during the outbreak of COVID-19.

As an intelligent manufacturer of industrial robots, Weben has sales offices in Dalian and Chongqing cities and subsidiaries in France.

Among its more than 420 employees, over 70 percent are engineers who can now debug and repair facilities through the "cloud office" from home instead of on-site investigation, greatly improving efficiency.

"With the help of the Chinatelecom Cloud Desk, what we did in the office can now be done at home, realizing cloud office, conference and design," said Peng Rong, board chairman. "Our employees can access the internal network and register and place orders for materials through enterprise resource planning and product data management systems, while purchasers can issue orders to suppliers in the same way, reducing the influence of COVID-19."

Songjiang Telecom built a 5G private network for Weben last December and deployed a cloud computer for 600 people to work after the outbreak of COVID-19. It invested 450,000 yuan (US$66,510) in the Weben customized 5G network, creating a digital ecological environment for the factory production line. It is expected to increase the output value of the enterprise by 30 million to 50 million yuan per year.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, Songjiang Telecom has invested tens of millions of yuan in key enterprises to resume work and production to help enterprises work through cloud offices. A mini-program for the resumption of work and production was developed, and Songjiang Telecom uses "5G+AI+big data" technology to promote a digital sentry, an all-in-one machine for health checks, so that temperature and health code checks can be done in seconds.

In the next step, the enterprise will explore more application scenarios of the industrial Internet, 5G and cloud technology in the manufacturing industry, according to Peng.

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