Baby House project expands to residential complexes

Miao Zhenyang
Baby House project, which was launched citywide earlier this year and provides daycare for children under the age of three, is expanding to residential complexes in Jiading.
Miao Zhenyang

Jiading’s Baby House project, which provides daycare for children under the age of three, has expanded to residential complexes with the launch of one such facility in Anting Town last month.

Earlier this year, Shanghai launched the Baby House pilot project, which provides “embedded” childcare services in existing venues to ease the lives of dual-income households.

While Baby Houses are primarily intended to relieve the difficulties of working parents and grandparents, they could also be an excellent place for toddlers to become acquainted with and better prepared for their approaching kindergarten lives.

“Kids can play together and learn socializing with peers at the same time,” remarked a woman surnamed Shen, whose child will start primary school in September.

“In addition, they will be taught some basic behavioral norms.”

The Baby House in Anting, which is operated by an authorized third-party institution, has certified childcare staff and caregivers, as well as designated living and gaming spaces.

Jiading has announced that it will add 15 Baby Houses across the district this year.

It will leverage its public service resources to include more childcare services in places such as neighborhood centers and senior centers, in order to create a 15-minute childcare service circle.

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