Shibei High Technology Park working to build a trusted data economy pilot zone

Li Qian
Shibei High Technology Park is Jing'an District's engine and the only pilot area for cutting-edge blockchain applications.
Li Qian

Jing’an is embracing digital intelligence in its development blueprint, with Shibei High Technology Park serving as a powerful engine. It is one of the first demonstration parks for urban digital transformation in Shanghai and the only one designated as a pilot area for implementing cutting-edge blockchain applications.

It is collaborating with Shanghai Data Exchange and Lingang International Data Port to create a data factor market innovation system that can serve as a benchmark for international practices.

Shibei High Technology Park working to build a trusted data economy pilot zone

Shibei High Technology Park

It is assisting Jing’an District to build a trusted data economy pilot zone.

Shibei, in collaboration with Ant Group, East China Normal University and other reputable institutions, announced the initiative to establish the Shanghai Trusted Data Economy Research Institute during the Global Industrial Blockchain Summit held this month during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, or WAIC.

The institute plans to make Shibei a center for the development of cutting-edge applications of the trusted data economy and play a significant role in industrial collaborative innovation, global exchange and other fields. It also hopes to develop into a highly professional and influential think tank.

A ceremony was held to welcome newcomers to the Shanghai Antchain Industrial Development Center in the Blockchain Valley of Shibei.

Shibei High Technology Park working to build a trusted data economy pilot zone

The Blockchain Valley of Shibei High Technology Park

The center has brought together 16 companies in the roughly six months since it began operations, as well as nurtured and provided services to 19 businesses, eight of which are involved in high technology. They contribute to the creation of a Web 3.0 ecosystem focused on Jing’an and span application scenarios like food traceability, gaming and insurance verification.

One of the first to arrive at the center was Shanghai Magic Orange Network Technology Co.

According to the founder, Chen Mintao, thanks to the diversified resources in the park and technology support from Antchain, the company has grown from a “single product developer” to a “comprehensive service provider” that has served more than 50 industrial scenarios, especially the application of blockchain in new-energy vehicles to secure data safety.

“The development of blockchain needs systematic support from the downstream and upstream industry chains,” he said. “Here in Shibei, we can find them all, which is helping us to grow bigger.”

Blockchain Valley has gathered 70 well-known companies from home and abroad. It has led the way in examining a new pattern of growth that combines industrial clusters, applications and technical innovation.

Shibei claims that it is focusing on developing blockchain, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence to drive a new wave of digitization.

According to the Jing’an Science and Technology Commission, the district will expedite the construction of the big data industry base, the AI hybrid cloud computing power center, the Huawei Blockchain Ecosystem Innovation Center and other major projects to promote the deeper integration of digital technology and the online economy.

Suhewan, Jing’an’s waterfront area along Suzhou Creek, is intended to become a fintech highland. The Nanjing Road W. commercial zone will host more headquarters of companies in the technology service industry, and the Daning area will concentrate on developing emerging industries like chip design, new materials research and development and smart healthcare.

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