There is a rock garden in the city center now

Li Qian
Homage to the "Red" soldiers of Beizhan Subdistrict, a book fair, and a trip to TCM pharmacy were among the activities held in Jing'an.
Li Qian
There is a rock garden in the city center now

Rock garden

A garden near the intersection of Yan’an Rd M. and Laochengdu Rd N. has been transformed into a “rock garden” in the city center.

It covers 35,300 square meters, or roughly five soccer fields, and includes artificial hills and waterfalls, rocks and streams, as well as floral landscapes primarily planted with maple trees and rhododendrons.

A newly built tourist service center offers refreshments, natural education, gardening demonstrations and maternal and child services.

There is a rock garden in the city center now


The Meet You Museum in Shanghai is hosting an exhibition on the Sanxingdui Ruins, which date back at least 4,800 years to the Shu Kingdom.

Sanxingdui Ruins in Sichuan Province are regarded as one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century.

The exhibition “Meet Ancient Shu” includes replicas of relics such as the sacred bronze tree, the bronze head with a gold mask and the gigantic bronze mask.

It also offers a 30-minute immersive journey back to the ancient Shu civilization as well as an interactive experience in which guests can build their own virtual image of an ancient Shu individual using fixed-point recognition.

The exhibition runs until December 6.

There is a rock garden in the city center now

Community concert

On the evening of August 3, a community concert was staged in Zhongxing Park. Aside from locals, children from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region performed folk dances and songs at the show.

After being upgraded from a greenland, the park opened at the end of 2021. A full-service station was built in the park in September 2022. To date, it has planned a variety of activities, including gardening classes.

There is a rock garden in the city center now

Summer camp

For years, Jing’an has dispatched personnel to poverty-stricken Bachu in Xinjiang to assist with local development projects.

On August 11, children from Bachu who were attending a summer camp in Shanghai went to the Jing’ansi Subdistrict to attend the summer childcare class graduation ceremony.

Jing’ansi Subdistrict created four summer daycare programs this year to alleviate the stress on working parents.

During the occasion, local children delivered a painting scroll to their Bachu peers, while Bachu children performed unique music and dance.

There is a rock garden in the city center now

Experiencing TCM

On August 6, 15 families with children visited the Jing’an District Culture Center to learn about traditional Chinese medicinal culture.

TCM experts from the district’s centuries-old TCM pharmacy, Lei Yun Shang West, showed them how to brew sour plum juice, a traditional summertime beverage, and how to pinpoint acupuncture spots that can enhance children’s health.

There is a rock garden in the city center now

Book fair

The Shanghai Book Fair was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center this month, exhibiting 180,000 books from more than 20 publishing groups and 350 publishers.

There were a variety of activities around Jing’an, including lectures by scholars, intangible cultural heritage DIY workshops and reading salons at the Jing’an Kerry Center and Jing’an District Library.

There is a rock garden in the city center now
Yu Tingli

'Red' homage

An event to pay tribute to the “red” revolutionary past of the Beizhan Subdistrict was held this month at the Starbucks Intangible Culture Heritage Concept Store in Shenyuli, a former shikumen (stone-gate) neighborhood that is now part of Shanghai Suhewan MIXC World.

In addition to a lecture, comic books depicting the subdistrict’s “red” stories were displayed for perusing. Participants engaged in a traditional Chinese craft by weaving yarns around needles to create patterns of gilded five-pointed stars.

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