Songjiang accelerates smart, green construction projects

Tan Weiyun
Songjiang issued a total of 220 construction permits in the first half of the year, accelerating the quality improvement and efficiency enhancement of engineering construction.
Tan Weiyun

Songjiang District issued a total of 220 construction permits in the first half of the year, up 122 percent from a year earlier, according to Songjiang Construction and Management Committee.

At the same time, the district also issued qualification certificates to 143 completed construction works, an increase of 134 percent from the previous year.

Construction industry is an important entity of the economy, providing critical support for economic and social development.

In recent years, Songjiang has focused on developing new construction methods such as intelligent construction and prefabricated buildings, and has pioneered the industrialization, digitalization, and green transformation to upgrade the construction industry.

Songjiang accelerates smart, green construction projects

Currently, the new factory of ATEQ, a world supplier in the tire pressure monitoring system, is under construction in Songjiang's Jiuting Town.

The project aims to become the first "near-zero energy consumption" factory building in Songjiang by installing solar panels on all roofs and carports, using aluminum-plastic frames and vacuum glass with high-efficiency insulation of heat and sound for doors and windows, and replacing traditional indoor central air conditioning with the company's self-developed energy storage system.

This project will also adopt the BMS intelligent building management system to achieve a balance between power generation and consumption, and strive to promote "near-zero emissions" of industrial wastewater and exhaust gas.

The ongoing Songjiang Hub Service Center project for the Shanghai-Suzhou-Huzhou Railway is the first one in Songjiang to adopt building information modeling technology for the entire life cycle. The project uses BIM models to quantitatively simulate and pre-test the design scheme during or before the construction process, enabling early detection of potential issues and timely optimization of technical solutions.

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