May Day holiday a bonanza for Songjiang tourism

Tan Weiyun
Songjiang's scenic spots attracted 610,900 visitors during the May Day holiday, which was a 9.85 percent jump from the previous year.
Tan Weiyun
May Day holiday a bonanza for Songjiang tourism

Songjiang Incity, a large shopping mall, reported a remarkable 34 percent increase in sales during the holiday.

The May Day holiday painted Songjiang with strokes of leisure and excitement. From tranquil moments of tea sipping and guqin playing in classical gardens to bustling shopping districts pulsating with consumer enthusiasm and vibrant sports arenas filled with athletic zeal, Songjiang presented a vivid canvas of cultural festivity and spirited living.

May Day holiday a bonanza for Songjiang tourism

The rice processing plant in Xiaokunshan Town is located amidst a picturesque green belt.

Fusion of culture and tourism

From May 1–5, the district's 18 key scenic spots welcomed 610,900 visitors, a 9.85 percent increase from the previous year. In addition, a total of 145 cultural events, crafted for the holiday, offered visitors an immersive experience of the fusion of culture and tourism at 12 major tourist hotels, which hosted 12,500 guests.

The "Spring Mountains" festival highlighted the Tianma Tea Party at the foot of Tianma Hill, where over 30 tea houses gathered to create a vibrant tea-themed market.

Adding to the floral splendor, the Chenshan Botanical Garden reached its visitor peak, with peonies, roses and other spring blossoms on full display. The garden also hosted the 6th Shanghai International Orchid Exhibition, which showcased 20,000 rare orchids from 200 varieties worldwide, drawing enthusiasts from across the globe.

Theme parks became another hotspot for family outings. Shanghai Happy Valley held the Magical Valley Music Live, collaborating with B.DUCK and XDS to launch a Super Children's Festival featuring a retro toy exhibition, a group wedding ceremony and a slow bicycle race, providing visitors with a plethora of exciting new cultural and travel experiences.

Meanwhile, the Shanghai Film Park invited visitors to explore the filming locations of popular TV dramas like "Blossoms Shanghai," "War of Faith" and "Carrying Joy." Adding to the festive atmosphere, the vintage car parade and the blacksmithing performances made a special limited return, enchanting visitors with a nostalgic flair.

Songjiang also hosted an array of thematic exhibitions rich in cultural heritage, adding a touch of artistic elegance to the May Day holiday.

The Yunjian Culture and Art Center, a cultural landmark in the district, featured exhibitions such as Weaving Beauty, showcasing the exquisite art of local textiles; two other notable displays to celebrate local artists; and "Our Colored Clay," a showcase of children's clay works.

The Songjiang Museum presented "Ink and Han Winds – Tengzhou Han Painting Art Exhibition," which displayed various stone carvings and images from Han Dynasty (202BC-220AD) tombs and temple halls found in Tengzhou, offering a glimpse into ancient artistic expressions.

The Cheng Shifa Art Museum launched a calligraphy exhibition, focusing on the evolution of Cheng's calligraphy and showcasing his works across different periods, including couplets, sketches and handwritten drafts.

Cangcheng, known as the "living fossil" of Songjiang's ancient urban culture, launched special events in historical architecture such as the Du's Carved House, Zhang's Rice Shop, Opera Saint Memorial, Songjiang Home-spun Exhibition Hall, Guanlu Tower, and others. Through strolls and historical discoveries, visitors were able to explore the enduring traces of Songjiang's millennium-old commercial and cultural civilization.

Rural tourism emerged as a leading trend in Songjiang this May Day holiday. The "Walking Passport" was introduced in Shihudang Town's "Origin of Huangpu River" scenic area. Visitors could collect a complimentary passport and gather stamps at ten select locations, offering them a picturesque glimpse into the region's river landscapes.

Meanwhile, Xiaokunshan Town launched the "Roving in the Twilight" themed hiking event. Participants visited the rural town's rice processing plant, explored the historical Tangmiao Village archaeological site and wandered through expansive fields freshly prepared for spring planting, enjoying a mix of scenic beauty and historic exploration.

May Day holiday a bonanza for Songjiang tourism

Shoppers carefully choose delicate accessories at a festive market.

Lively consumer market

During the May Day holiday, Songjiang's bustling streets, crowded malls and glittering cityscape also showcased a distinctly vibrant consumer scene. Favorable weather encouraged residents to step out and indulge in shopping and leisure activities, leading to a dynamic surge in consumption across the district's key commercial areas. Sales figures from the holiday period showed a 7 percent increase compared to last year, signifying a robust retail environment.

In particular, new store openings like men's wear leader Youngor and patisserie brand Dusushijia, along with fast-fashion Hotwind's second-item-half-price promotion on shoes and clothing, drew crowds eager to take advantage of holiday discounts.

The shopping mall Songjiang Incity reported a remarkable 34 percent increase in sales, reaching 54.59 million yuan (US$7.55 million) during the holiday.

The holiday also turned malls into social hubs, resulting in high demand for dining area call-outs. Mediterranean Kaiyuan Plaza, with its dining options taking up 45 percent of its offerings, attracted numerous visitors with its diverse culinary experiences, generating about 8 million yuan in restaurant sales.

An array of lively activities further enriched the festive atmosphere. The Jindi Fanglin, a commercial complex in Sijing Town, hosted a captivating Sichuan opera face-changing performance, contributing to the mall's daily sales of around 500,000 yuan.

Moreover, some venues took a "slow life" approach to holiday activities. Songjiang Incity launched a series of events around its "Citywalk Urban Season Encounter" camping festival theme, including a traditional tea ceremony, a spring live concert and a pet day, offering residents a chance to enjoy a slower pace of life amidst their shopping.

Mediterranean Kaiyuan Plaza embraced a nostalgic theme with "Sleepless Shanghai," featuring an old Shanghai garden party and various retro displays, inviting visitors to relive the past while enjoying modern-day leisure activities.

Additionally, Sheshan Hill Baolehui Plaza celebrated its third anniversary, enhancing its cultural and tourism appeal with a marine fish exhibition. Jindi Plaza in Jiuting Town launched an art installation in a pop-art style and an art market inspired by trendy lifestyles. Dongding Shopping Center collaborated with local dining outlets to showcase Songjiang's culinary delights, offering visitors their holiday "good food times."

May Day holiday a bonanza for Songjiang tourism

Children are honing their basketball skills under the intruction of a coach.

Fitness frenzy

The sports fever also swept through Songjiang, invigorating the local sports venues with a buzz of activity. The district's cultural landmark, Yunjian Granary, became a hub for fitness enthusiasts eager to make the most of their holiday.

From early morning, the ping-pong club buzzed with energy. Teenagers, under the guidance of professional coaches, honed their skills.

"Apart from our regular clients, we've seen an increase in family groups during the holiday," said Du Yu from Rongyu Ping Pong Club.

The basketball club was another scene of vibrant activity. The courts were alive with school-aged children participating in training sessions.

At the swimming pool, coaches were busy teaching students various strokes.

Beyond traditional sports, Yunjian Granary also embraced emerging activities like rock climbing, drawing young people eager to challenge themselves.Climbers, equipped with professional gear, strategically maneuvered up the wall, demonstrating determination and skill.

"The number of residents and tourists coming to try rock climbing has noticeably increased this holiday. We've prepared thoroughly to ensure everyone receives professional guidance," said Chen Deng, in charge of the climbing project.

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