Bilibili uploader shares Songjiang's history and beauty via dance videos

Tan Weiyun
Mild-mannered office worker by day, popular Bilibili creator at the workday's end, Lu Di shares her love for traditional Chinese culture through captivating dance videos.
Tan Weiyun
Bilibili uploader shares Songjiang's history and beauty via dance videos

Lu Di, dressed in a bright red Hanfu, gazes into the distance while standing on a bridge in Guangfulin Relics Park.

Under the golden rays of a late afternoon sun, Lu Di twirls gracefully in a flowing long red hanfu (traditional Chinese clothing), the fabric catching the light as she moves. She is dancing on the ancient grounds of Guangfulin Relics Park, each step and twirl weaving a story of Songjiang's rich history and timeless beauty.

Lu was born in Songjiang in the 1990s. By day, she meticulously manages paperwork in an office but when the workday ends, she sheds her office persona and transforms into a Bilibili Uploader (creator), sharing her love for traditional Chinese culture through captivating dance videos that transport her audience to a different era.

Her followers, numbering 48,000, view her as a modern "slash youth," a term for those who thrive in multiple careers and passions.

"Through hanfu and dance, I aim to spread traditional Chinese culture and showcase the beauty of our heritage," she said. "But more importantly, I want my work to help the world discover and fall in love with my hometown of Songjiang."

Lu's dance journeys takes her to cultural landmarks across Songjiang - into the lush bamboo forest of Tianma Hill; among blooming spring flowers in rural villages; and on the top of Sheshan Hill, the city's highest peak.

Every video that Lu shares with her followers on Bilibili is a labor of love and a showcase of meticulous craftsmanship. Her preparation work for each dance video begins before the camera even starts rolling.

She assumes the role of her own makeup artist, carefully applying cosmetics that accentuate her features in a style true to the historical period represented by her hanfu. She is also a fashion designer, selecting each traditional Chinese garment with precision to ensure that they adhere strictly to the dress codes and rituals of the dynasty.

The jewelry and accessories are chosen to complement her attire perfectly, while each hairstyle she creates herself - whether it's an elaborate updo adorned with pins and ribbons or a simpler style - reflects the era she embodies.

With every detail of her appearance crafted to historical perfection, Lu's transformation is complete. From head to toe, she is a vision of the past reborn.

Her most recent dance video was set against the enchanting backdrops of Guangfulin Relics Park and the bamboo groves of Sheshan Hill.

"I chose these two places for my dance video because one represents the long history of Songjiang and the other showcases its beautiful natural scenery," Lu said.

When she danced on the ancient grounds of Guangfulin park, the romance of Songjiang enveloped her. The lake whispered with the early summer breeze and petals from the Fulin Pagoda drifted down like confetti. The rustic charm of cobbled pathways, the elegance of red walls and the soft chimes from Zheye Buddhist Temple offered a respite from the bustling world.

Bilibili uploader shares Songjiang's history and beauty via dance videos

Lu Di reviews the video with her photographer after completing a dance in traditional Chinese attire.

Later, clad in a white hanfu and wielding a long sword, Lu ventured into the bamboo forest of Sheshan Hill. The landscape shifted, offering a serene contrast to Guangfulin's historical ambiance.

Sheshan, the "peak of Shanghai," is a haven of lush bamboo groves and tranquil beauty. The mountain speaks in its own silent language, drawing people into its peaceful paths and offering both physical and spiritual refreshment. Time seems to stand still as one wanders through its verdant trails, soaking in the untouched beauty of nature.

As Lu moved through the bamboo, her white hanfu billowed around her like clouds. With the long sword in hand, her dance took on a different rhythm - one of strength and fluidity.

She swung the sword with precision, the blade slicing through the air quietly. Each motion was a blend of martial prowess and artistic grace, her body and the sword moving as one.

She spun and leaped, the sword an extension of her will, cutting through the quiet of the bamboo forest with a silent elegance. Her steps were firm, each landing with her control and balance, while her flowing sleeves added a soft contrast to the sharpness of the sword.

"I enjoy receiving likes online," Lu said. "But what I love even more is the inclusive nature of Songjiang, where every way of life is respected."

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