Wooden corridor enhances park's forest walk

Yang Yang
At the Tingcui garden of Meilong Ecological Park, a wooden corridor meanders for more than 600 meters through the forest, inviting a pleasant tour in the forest.
Yang Yang

Wooden corridor

Wooden corridor enhances park's forest walk
Cui Songge / Ti Gong

At the Tingcui garden, the biggest of five gardens at the newly opened Meilong Ecological Park, a wooden corridor meanders for more than 600 meters through the forest, inviting a pleasant tour in the forest even if the ground is muddy. The 600,000-square-meter ecological park, offers forest walks, camping and flower appreciation for different age groups.

Magical Mexico

"México Mágico," a Mexican commerce, cultural and tourism promotion event, recently kicked off at Shanghai Import Commodities Expo and Trade Center, or known Hongqiao Pinhui, in Minhang District. Mexican specialities, such as tequila, avocado sauce, chia seeds, coffee, baked goods and frozen foods, were presented during the opening ceremony. The event attracted nearly 120 Chinese trading companies. Grupo Bimbo, a world leading Mexican bakery company, shared their experiences in winning in the Chinese market. Accio, a Mexican coffee importer, signed cooperation agreements with Hongqiao International Coffee Port and Mexican chia seed brand Chia Bella agreed deals with Shanghai We Cheer.

New melon

Chulu, or morning dew, a new variety of yellow-skinned, yellow-fleshed watermelon, left a deep impression on its debut in Minhang. The new variety was developed and bred by Shanghai Sanyou Seedlings Co, and has been submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs for patent approval. Typically, each Chulu watermelon weighs between 3 to 3.5 kilograms. The hybrid first-generation watermelon is known for its sweet taste.

Heritage project

Minhang's sachet craftsmanship has been added to the list of Shanghai's Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative Projects. Chen Xingzhi, its artist, received the municipal ICH representative project plaque. The sachet-making skill inheritance base, "Jinnang Miaoguan," was also named Shanghai "ICH in the Community" demonstration site for 2024-2026. Chen learned the craft from her grandmother in the 1960s. Her creatively designed sachets, usually containing a variety of aromatic Chinese herbs, are often wrapped in silk and modern decorative materials, and in the form of water lilies, gourds, traditional robes and even pandas.

Teaming up

The Xiā Zā (獬豸) IP of Pujiang Town in Minhang has teamed up with the Dongbei popsicle and Hygienix brands to launch Xiā Zā popsicles and Hygienix Xiā Zā paper tissues. Xiā Zā made its official debut in 2022 and has since collaborated with local enterprises to introduce a range of cultural and creative products such as coffee and blessing cups. Xiā Zā is a Chinese mythical creature noted for its wisdom.

Sea of beauty

Over 5,000 hydrangea plants at Fanghe Farm are in bloom, creating a sea of breathtaking beauty. The hydrangeas are in flower from early June to early July. Predominantly white, the flowers are either spherical or hemispherical, dense and layered.

Capital increase

ASUS Computer (Shanghai) Co completed a capital increase of US$170 million in April, according to the Xinzhuang Industrial Zone. The funds are earmarked for the ASUS Computer (Shanghai) Innovation Industrialization Base project, with the capital already in place. Over the past few years, the company has leveraged the foundational hardware ecosystem of the computing innovation industry to collaborate with renowned domestic CPU manufacturers. Together, they have developed a series of new CPU motherboards, desktops, and all-in-one computer solutions. Currently, the localization rate of motherboards produced by ASUS exceeds 80 percent. The project is expected to commence by the end of this year. Once operational, the annual output value is anticipated to reach 1 billion yuan.

Xiazhi heralds arrival of heat

Xiazhi (夏至), or the Summer Solstice, is the 10th solar term. It falls on June 21 this year and is a time when things grow and reach their peak.

"Summer" implies growth, and "Solstice" suggests the pinnacle of development.

Xiazhi is not necessarily the hottest day of the year, because the heat near the surface is still accumulating and has not yet reached its maximum.

Following Xiazhi, temperatures rise and the heat can become unbearable. Many people may experience irritability, restlessness, mood swings, loss of appetite, and even various gastrointestinal discomforts.

Traditional Chinese Medicine advises that due to the heat, one should adapt to the characteristic of abundant yang (hot) energy and protect the yang energy.

It is advisable not to consume too much cold jelly or cold drinks and to avoid air conditioning, as it can hinder the transformation of the body's yin (cold) and yang energies, leading to colds, joint pain and abdominal pain or diarrhea.

It is advisable to consume bitter foods and light supplements. Vegetables and fruits with high water content, such as cabbage, bitter melon, loofah and cucumber, are excellent choices for promoting stomach health.

Winter melon, rich in vitamin C and high in potassium while low in sodium, is suitable for people with high blood pressure, kidney deficiency and edema.

Cucumber is crisp, appetizing, and has cooling, detoxifying and edema-reducing effects.

Loofah is also particularly suitable for consumption in summer. Not only is the fruit edible, but the loofah flower has cooling and detoxifying effects, used to treat lung heat cough, sore throat, rhinitis and hemorrhoids.

Wooden corridor enhances park's forest walk
Ti Gong

Minhang Culture

Stone tools

Two granite disc-shaped stone tools buried 2 meters below the surface were unearthed from a site of the former oil mill in Heping Village, Wujing Town of Minhang District in November 2001. Each stone has a diameter of 1.8 meters and a thickness of 0.3 meters. They were used as millstones for crushing soybeans in the oil mill. The relics are now housed in the Shanghai History Museum. Experts believe these objects belong to amulets to ward off evil spirits.

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