Tickets for Shanghai International Film Festival go on sale Friday

Miao Zhenyang
Tickets for the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival go on sale on the Tao Piao Piao platform on June 7. Fans can also buy tickets at 47 local theaters.
Miao Zhenyang

The 26th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) will take place from June 14 to June 23, while the 29th Shanghai Television Festival (STVF) will be held from June 24 to June 28. The Golden Goblet Gala and Awards ceremony will take place at the Shanghai Grand Theater on the evenings of June 15 and 22.

Tickets for Shanghai International Film Festival go on sale Friday

Tickets for this year's festival will go on sale on the Tao Piao Piao platform on June 7. Fans can also buy tickets at 47 local theaters.
Tickets to popular screenings sell out fast. Film fans from other provinces in China have been known to travel to Shanghai for the festival.
As a result, it is prudent to review the screening schedule ahead of time.

Addresses of the 47 cinemas

Huangpu District

1. The Grand Theatre 上海大光明电影院

216 West Nanjing Rd 南京西路216号

2. Lyceum Theatre 兰心大剧院

57 Maoming Rd S 茂名南路57号

3. Peace Cinema 上海和平影都

290 Xizang Rd M 西藏中路290号

4. UME International Cineplex UME 影城(上海新天地店)

5/F, South Block Xintiandi, No. 6, Lane 123 Xingye Rd 兴业路123弄6号新天地时尚1座5楼

5. Huangpu Theatre 黄浦剧场

780 Beijing Rd W 北京西路780号

6. Cathay Theatre 国泰电影院

870 M Huaihai Rd 淮海中路870号

7. Shanghai Science and Technology Cinema 上海科技影城

3/F, 59 Nanchang Rd 南昌路59号3楼

Xuhui District

1. Tianshan Cinema-Wanping Theatre 天山电影院-宛平剧院影城

859 Zhongshan Rd S2 中山南二路859号

2. SFC Cinema World 上影BOE-α超级影城(美罗城店)

5/F, Metro City, 1111 Zhaojiabang Rd 肇嘉浜路1111号美罗城5楼

3. DuoYunXuan Dolby Atmos Cinema 朵云轩杜比全景声影城

5/F, 1188 Tianyaoqiao Rd 天钥桥路1188号5楼

4. Palace Cinema (iapm mall) 上海百丽宫影城(环贸iapm店)

L6-601, 999 M Huaihai Rd 淮海中路999号L6-601

5. SFC Shangying Cinema (YongHua) SFC上影影城(港汇永华IMAX激光店)

6/F, Grand Gateway, 1 Hongqiao Rd 虹桥路1号港汇恒隆广场6楼

6. CMG Convergent Media Cinema CMG 融媒影城

1-4F, 19 Longwen Rd 龙文路19号1-4层

Changning District

1. Shanghai Film Art Center 上海影城

160 Xinhua Rd 新华路160号

2. Tianshan Cinema-Hongqiao Art Center Flagship Store 天山电影院-虹桥艺术中心旗舰店

888 Tianshan Rd 天山路888号

3. PALACE CINEMA (Raffles City Changning) 上海百丽宫影城(长宁来福士店)

L701-703 Raffles City Changning, 1123 Changning Rd 长宁路1123号长宁来福士东楼7层

Putuo District

1. Caoyang Cinema 曹杨影城

2/F, 125 Lanxi Rd 兰溪路125号2楼

2. AMG Cinema (Global Harbor) AMG海上明珠影城环球港店

L4039, 3300 Zhongshan Rd N, Global Harbor 中山北路3300号环球港L4039

Hongkou District

CGV Cinemas (Shanghai Magnolia Plaza IMAX Branch) CGV影城(白玉兰广场IMAX店)

3/F, Retail Podium, Sinar Mas Plaza, 588 Dongchangzhi Rd 东长治路588号上海白玉兰广场商业裙房3层11号

Jing'an District

1. Majestic Theatre 上海美琪大戏院

66 Jiangning Rd 江宁路66号

2. FANCL Arts Center FANCL艺术中心(艺海剧院)

466 Jiangning Rd 江宁路466号

3. JUCE Shanghai Centre Theatre 久事·上海商城剧院

4/F, 1376 West Nanjing Rd 南京西路1376号4楼

4. Hubei Cinema 上海市沪北电影院

500 Luochuan Rd E 洛川东路500号

5. BONA UA CINEMA 博纳UA梅龙镇广场电影城

10/F, Westgate Mall Plaza, 1038 West Nanjing Rd 南京西路1038号梅龙镇广场10楼

6. Premiere Cinema (Jing An Kerry Center) 上海百美汇影城(静安嘉里中心店)

N4-01, Jing An Kerry Center, 1551 West Nanjing Rd 南京西路1551号嘉里中心N4-01

7. Shanghai HOYTS Cinema 上海寰映影城(大融城店)

L328, Bldg 1, No 10, Lane 1111 Hutai Rd 沪太路1111弄10号1号楼三层L328室

8. Palace Cinema (Sincere Plaza) 上海百丽宫影城(LUXE协信店)

NL303, Sincere Plaza, No.21, Lane 1228, Jiangchang Rd 江场路1228弄21号协信星光广场NL303

Yangpu District

1. Shanghai Wanda Cinema Wujiaochang 万达影城(五角场万达广场IMAX店)

3/F, Wanda Plaza, 58 Guobin Rd 国宾路58号五角场万达商业广场3层

2. SFC Shangying Cinema (Guohua) SFC上影影城(国华广场店)

Rm 415, Block B, 99 Sanmen Rd 三门路99号B区415室

Minhang District

1. Macalline Cinema World (Aegean Palace) 红星电影世界上海爱琴海旗舰店

7/F, Aegean Palace, 1588 Wuzhong Rd 吴中路1588号爱琴海购物中心7楼

2. Palace Cinema (The MixC Shanghai) 上海百丽宫影城(万象城店)

L501, 1599 Wuzhong Rd 吴中路1599号L501商铺

3. Century Youyi Cinema 世纪友谊影城(LUXE南方商城店)

9/F, Bailian Nanfang Shopping Center Phase 2, 7250 Humin Rd 沪闵路7250号百联南方购物中心二期9楼

Baoshan District

SFC Shangying International Cinema (Xinyefang) SFC上影国际影城(新业坊店)

Rm 101, Bldg 10, Lingang Xinyefang, 1328 Yixian Rd 逸仙路1328号临港新业坊10号101

Pudong New Area

1. OSGH Cinema (Century Link Mall) 橙夭嘉禾影城(上海世纪汇CINITY店)

Rm 022, 5/F, 1192 Century Avenue 世纪大道1192号5楼022商铺

2. Palace Cinema (L+MALL) 上海百丽宫影城(陆家嘴中心店)

L1001, 899 Pudong Rd S 浦东南路889号陆家嘴中心商场10层L1001单元

3. POLY International Cinema (Expo Avenue) 保利国际影城上海世博店

G/F, Block 2, The River Mall, 1368 Century Avenue 世纪大道1368号世博源二区G层

4. MOViE MOViE (TAIKOO LI Qiantan) MOViE MOViE影城(前滩太古里店)

S-L3-13, 3/F, Stone Zone, TAIKOO LI Qiantan, 500 Dongyu Rd 东育路500弄前滩太古里石区3楼

5. CGV Cinema (Crystal Plaza) CGV影城(晶耀前滩杜比4DXScreen店)

Unit 323, 3/F, Crystal Plaza, 308 Yaoti Rd 耀体路300号晶耀商务广场东区3楼323单元

6. SFC Shangying Cinema (Dingxiang) SFC上影影城(丁香路LUXE店)

3/F, 858 Dingxiang Rd 丁香路858号3楼

7. SFC Shangying Cinema (LaLaport Shanghai Jinqiao) SFC上影影城(LaLaport上海金桥店)

611, LaLaport, 738 Xinjinqiao Rd (新金桥路738号啦啦宝都611号店铺)

8. Lingang Performing Arts Center 临港演艺中心

200 Dingke Rd 临港新片区顶科路200号

Jinshan District

Shanghai Jinshan Wanda Cinema 万达影城(金山万达广场IMAX店)

4/F, Wanda Plaza, 1188 Longhao Rd 龙皓路1188号万达广场4楼

Jiading District

Jiading Cinema 嘉定电影院

149 Chengzhong Rd 城中路149号

Songjiang District

CGV Cinema (Songjiang Incity) CGV影城(松江印象城杜比4DXScreen店)

4/F, Songjiang Incity, Lane 1788, Guangfulin Rd 广富林路1788弄印象城4层

Qingpu District

Shanghai Mega Cinema 上海米格国际影城

3/F, Zone E, No. 51, Lane 5999, Jiasong Rd M, Zhaoxiang Town 赵巷镇嘉松中路5999弄51号E区3楼

Fengxian District

Shanghai Film Corporation Ltd SFC上影影城(南桥百联店)

4/F, 588 Baiqi Rd 南桥镇百齐路588号百联购物中心4楼

Chongming District

Shanghai Chongming Wanda Cinema 万达影城(崇明万达广场IMAX店)

3F-A, 8388 Chongming Avenue, Chengqiao Town 城桥镇崇明大道8388号3F-A室

"Belt and Road" Film Week

Six films from the "Belt and Road" countries will be screened in the Yangtze River Delta region.


Antonin Svoboda


Andrea was once a highly regarded professional skier. Years ago, her athletic career abruptly ended for reasons unknown, much to the surprise of the sporting world. Half a lifetime later, Andrea casts off the demons of her past and speaks out about her experiences at ski school as a young girl after she once again encounters uncomfortable conditions during training. Her bravery encourages a number of people to support her.

Tickets for Shanghai International Film Festival go on sale Friday


Lajos Koltai


For less than 200 years, handwashing has been known as a way to prevent infection and maintain health. The first person in history to advocate handwashing was the Hungarian obstetrician Semmelweis, the prototype of the film's protagonist. The medical profession at the time dismissed his advocacy as heresy, but his persistence saved countless lives.

Tickets for Shanghai International Film Festival go on sale Friday


Alireza Samadi


Arash Simin is a respected university professor and program host. He has a happy family, so everything seems perfect. But then, an anonymous article questioning his "success" begins to circulate on social media, casting doubts on him. Is it a rumor, or is it the truth? In the age of information, how far are we from the truth?

Tickets for Shanghai International Film Festival go on sale Friday


Andre Chiew / Nazim Shah


A gang of five siblings struck gold after a heist 10 years ago. But things start to look different after a notorious gang leader threatens their family's safety, forcing them to get involved in a robbery again. Old grudges are rekindled, and family tragedies surface. Shadows of the past loom over them, and loyalties and bonds are at stake. Will they use their wits to protect their families in this seemingly impossible mission, or will this desperate mission tear them apart forever?

Tickets for Shanghai International Film Festival go on sale Friday


Jopy Arnaldo


A hyphen joins two words, creating new words and meanings. When Jamie, a Japanese translator living in the Philippines, takes on a job translating subtitles for a movie, she meets a Japanese director. After work, the two wander into the world of street food, drinks, and Jamie's own fictional language, gradually discovering in each other what they never realized they needed.

Tickets for Shanghai International Film Festival go on sale Friday


Mohamed Kordofani

Sudan/Egypt/Germany/France/Saudi Arabia/Sweden

Mona, a well-to-do North Sudanese, has a well-kept secret: she has indirectly killed a stranger. To assuage her guilt, she takes in the widow and son of the deceased: Julia and Daniel from Southern Sudan. Inside and outside the family, two women with completely different life experiences begin an almost impossible friendship. Just as Mona decides to leave the past behind and embrace the present, the turmoil of the country spills over into her home, leaving her to face the division within.

Tickets for Shanghai International Film Festival go on sale Friday

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