KFC releases new series of products

Wang Junkai, leader of the Chinese pop boy band TFBOYS, wears the T shirt and baseball cap with KFC's new icon "Unlimited K" in the latest advertisement.
KFC releases new series of products
Ti Gong

 “Unlimited K” T-shirt by KFC

KFC recently released its new “Unlimited K” series of products. As well as two “fashion burgers” — Messy Shrimp Burger and Australian Beef Burger — there are T-shirts, baseball caps and waist packs in this series.

Wang Junkai, leader of the Chinese pop boy band TFBOYS, wears the T-shirt and baseball cap with KFC’s new icon “Unlimited K” in the latest advertisement.

“This new icon and the derivative products are aimed at making food into a kind of fashion product,” said Maggie Chen, senior director of KFC MKT.

“Many K-themed stores are being prepared, catering to the young generation, and unlimited K2.0 will launch in December.”

In a similar vein, Shanghai-based White Rabbit milk-flavored candy made headlines recently with a range of skin care products and a series of clothing.

By teaming up with domestic fragrance specialist Scent Library, more than 14,000 themed items were snapped up in the first 10 seconds after the range debuted on Tmall on May 23, according to Alibaba.

The most popular was the milk-flavored candy fragrance. It features top milk-infused candy.

The middle notes are a mixture of jasmine and Madagascan vanilla, and the base notes are the natural fragrances from flowers and plants.

The Shanghai brand Bright Dairy designed a limited “whole milk powder” bag launched on JD.com on June 27.

The cute blue-and-white bag takes the package of milk powder as its prototype and puts a shoulder strap on it. Before the official launch, some bloggers posted pictures of the bag online, making it a hot topic on Weibo.

It’s not the first time for Bright Dairy derivative products.

A derivative “Milk Bag” inspired by the Bright Dairy milk box was popular this year. It reminds Shanghainese born in the 1980s and 1990s of their childhood.

There was also a T-shirt and a baseball cap featuring Bright Dairy’s milk ingredient list in this collection.

KFC releases new series of products
Ti Gong

The fans wearing  “Unlimited K” T-shirt ate the fashion burgers.

KFC releases new series of products
Ti Gong

The derivative “whole milk powder” bag by Shanghai brand Bright Dairy

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