New routes to city culture unveiled for Dragon Boat Festival

Hu Min
Shanghai's culture and tourism administration invites everyone to explore the city's roots, learn about its architecture, and experience its unique culture during the holiday.
Hu Min
New routes to city culture unveiled for Dragon Boat Festival
Ti Gong

Traditional clothes at a hanfu market.

If you are interested in Shanghai's history and culture or just wondering how to spend the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival holiday, here are some tips.

The city is inviting residents and visitors to explore its roots, learn the stories behind its classic architecture, and experience its unique culture with 10 routes on Shanghai cultural heritage themes released by the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism on Wednesday.

Some are listed below:

Route 1: Shanghai's roots

Shanghai can be dated back some 6,000 years and this route will take you on a journey through time to explore the city's origins.

Shanghai Songze Site Museum 上海崧泽遗址博物馆→ Qingpu Museum 青浦博物馆→ Zhujiajiao Ancient Town 朱家角古镇→ Fuquan Mountain Archeological Site -福泉山遗址→ Qinglong Town Archeological Site 青龙镇遗址

Route 2: Ancient architecture

This route is particularly recommended during spring and summer as classic gardens in Shanghai offer enchanting Jiangnan-style scenery.

Jiading Confucius Temple 嘉定孔庙→ Guyi Garden 古猗园→ Zuibaichi Park 醉白池→ Fangta Park 方塔园

Route 3: Old town

This route will take travelers into laochengxiang (the old town) to explore unique Shanghai livelihoods.

Yuyuan Garden 豫园→ Shanghai Concert Hall 上海音乐厅→ Shanghai Great World 大世界游乐场→ Shanghai Sports Mansion 上海体育大厦→ Park Hotel 国际饭店→ Shanghai History Museum 上海市历史博物馆→ Zhangyuan Garden 张园

Route 4: Suzhou Creek and Huangpu River

Suzhou Creek and Huangpu River are parts of Shanghai people's daily life. The route may sound familiar, while every step reveal new experiences.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower 东方明珠广播电视塔→ Waitanyuan, or the Bund Origin 洛克·外滩源→ Architecture cluster of the Bund上海外滩建筑群→ Waibaidu Bridge 外白渡桥→ Shanghai Mansion 上海大厦→ Shanghai General Post Office 上海邮政总局→ Embankment Building 河滨大楼→ The former site of Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce 上海总商会旧址

New routes to city culture unveiled for Dragon Boat Festival
Ti Gong

Sachets showcased

Meanwhile, a unique cultural and tourism activity will be held in Jinqiao, in the Pudong New Area, delivering a feast of culture and tourism for expats and inbound travelers.

The event, hosted by the administration as a highlight of "Visit Shanghai, the 2024 Shanghai for All Seasons Cultural Tourism Consumption Information (Spring-Summer) Activities," will feature a bazaar, performances and intangible cultural heritage activities as well as interactive games and lucky draws.

The bazaar will showcase the latest programs and essence of around 20 cultural venues and tourist attractions such as Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park and Shanghai Happy Valley.

Intangible cultural heritage items such as rongqingtang sachet techniques will also be part of the bazaar and a number of fun experiences such as zongzi making, hanfu (traditional Chinese Han-style attire) experiences, and traditional games like touhu (arrow-throwing) and dragon and lion performances will be staged.

New routes to city culture unveiled for Dragon Boat Festival
Ti Gong

Zongzi is a must-eat during the festival.

Event info:

Date: 10:30am-8pm, June 9

Venue: LifeHub@Jinqiao

Address: 3611 Zhangyang Rd, Pudong New Area 浦东新区张杨路3611号

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