Proposal seeks to cover smell of garbage

Hu Min
When bins for wet, dry, recyclable and hazardous waste stay open during disposal times this can lead to smells spreading far and wide while attracting flies and causing pollution.
Hu Min

Automatic covers on bins for wet trash are being suggested by local political adviser Wang Yan.

The garbage bins for dry, wet, recyclable and hazardous waste in many residential complexes in Shanghai remain open during disposal time, said Wang. The smell of wet, or household food waste, stinks, particularly in summer, Wang said.

In summer, the odour can be smelt far from the bins, and flies are attracted, according to Wang's proposal. 

In rainy days, wet garbage can spill out, polluting the environment, the adviser said.

Wet trash is different from other types of waste as it will deteriorate and degenerate, polluting the environment, thus it should be collected differently, the proposal suggests.

The proposal raised the idea of a cover which will close after disposal and open before disposal on the bins for wet trash to avoid pollution. It could also eliminate people's concerns about getting their hands dirty. 

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