Being a couch potato no longer an option

Li Qian
Jing'an Sports Bureau's coupons scheme for personal training ensures that no one in the district need miss out on exercise while they are stuck at home.
Li Qian
Being a couch potato no longer an option
Ti Gong

Exercise classes are displayed on TV screens at home while personal trainers can see their clients via their mobile phones.

Tired of being a couch potato in the long holiday? Jing’an Sports Bureau offers personal training online at reduced prices.

Residents, workers and students in the district can get coupons worth between 20 yuan (US$2.9) and 60 yuan from the bureau’s WeChat account.

The coupons can buy classes provided by Unicorn Personal Training, and clients can choose a date and personal trainer.

There are classes targeting weight loss, muscle gain or body shaping, with each costing 119 yuan, or just 59 yuan with a 60-yuan coupon.

The classes are displayed on TV screens at home while the trainer can see clients via their mobile phones.

The bureau launched the scheme in March last year with coupons that could be used in 54 sports facilities in the district, including Jing’an Sports Center, and traded for sessions or classes in fencing, swimming, yoga and many other sports.

Each person can pick up to five coupons a week, and they have to be used within 14 days.

Last year, the bureau sent out 150,496 coupons with over 136,000 people using them, generating revenue of over 7.5 million yuan.

People pay less as both the sports authority and sports facilities are covering part of the cost while there are more clients and thus more income.

The bureau plans to spend 3.17 million yuan in supporting the project this year. 

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