Foreign resident detained for ignoring virus rules

Chen Huizhi
Police detain man living in Baoshan District who they said told them he didn't care much about the epidemic and didn't wear a mask when he was going out. 
Chen Huizhi

Edited by Zhou Shengjie.

A foreign Shanghai resident has been detained for ignoring community rules on prevention of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Shanghai police said on Friday.

They attended a residential complex on Shuichan Road W. in Baoshan District at 7pm on Wednesday after the foreigner is said to have declined to show his entry card or have his temperature taken as he entered. He is also accused of breaking the gate to the complex to gain entry.

Police said the foreigner told them he didn’t care much about the epidemic, didn’t wear a mask when going out and didn’t want to get an entry card to the residential complex.

He will be detained for five days, police said.

Shanghai police said they had punished more than 40 people so far who had lied about their travel history, failed to comply with home quarantine, refused to wear masks or declined to have their temperature taken.

Foreign resident detained for ignoring virus rules
Baoshan police

The foreign resident who is being detained by police for failure to comply with coronavirus prevention measures. 

Home quarantine

Strict home quarantine measures are exemplified at Xinyue Apartments, a residential complex in Changzheng Town in Putuo District, where 71 people have been placed under this measure so far.

Community volunteers deliver food to them, taking money via WeChat, and cleaners remove their garbage every day at 2pm.

Community police officers also check residents’ travel history.

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