Patients return as dental services resume

Cai Wenjun
City hospitals say they are over 50 percent busier than in the same period last year as patients begin to book appointments as the novel coronavirus pandemic wanes. 
Cai Wenjun

Local hospitals’ dental departments reported a peak of patients recently, with some departments saying they were over 50 percent busier than the same period last year.

Many people who put off visiting the dentist during the novel coronavirus pandemic are now returning.

Ahead of National Tooth Care Day on Sunday, dentists said there had been an increase in dental problems because some people had failed to look after their teeth while stuck at home.

Coronavirus prevention and control is paramount in dental departments.

Dr Wang Ying, director of Shanghai Ren’ai Hospital’s stomatology department, said that dental departments are strictly carrying out measures such as regular disinfection, separated waiting rooms, and checking temperatures and health codes.

Patients return as dental services resume
Ti Gong

Dr Wang Ying of Shanghai Ren'ai Hospital wears protective gear while dealing with a patient.

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