Hospital speeding research into practice

Cai Wenjun
Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital says new methods have been employed to speed the transfer of clinical research results into industrialized products for the benefit of the public.
Cai Wenjun

Five clinical research projects at Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital have resulted in industrialized products for the benefit of clinical practice and the public.

The projects including a biological material recycling system in bone marrow cells’ quick screening, concentration and recombination, an intelligent 3D endoscopy system in orbital surgery, a genetic testing kit for late-onset deafness, a catheter fixing system in intubation, and induction of fibroblast for degenerative intervertebral disc disease.

Dr Wu Hao, president of the hospital, said they have been exploring new ways of transferring clinical research and discovery into practical technology and products which can be used in medical practice to help patients. Such efforts can also speed up cooperation between the hospital and pharmaceutical and tech companies in biological medicine and artificial intelligence, removing the barriers between basic research and practical research and industrialization.

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