Treatments win prizes at innovation contest

Chen Huizhi
Twelve companies presented their products and solutions in precision medicine during an innovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Jiading District.
Chen Huizhi
Treatments win prizes at innovation contest
Ti Gong

The winner of the competition.

A company offering treatments for peripheral venous disease won a precision medicine competition in Shanghai’s Nanxiang Town on Friday.

Twelve finalists presented their products and solutions before a panel of experts and investors at the innovation and entrepreneurship competition.

Other entries included smart image screening and diagnosis products for brain disease, personalized medical solutions based on artificial intelligence and 3D printing, and a point-of-care testing diagnosis platform that can test multiple respiratory pathogens at the same time.

Promising projects that emerged during the competition are expected to win support ranging from 3 million (US$460,000) to 30 million yuan from funds.

Precision medicine, which is an approach to disease treatment and prevention that aims to offer targeted solutions for different individuals or groups of people, is considered to be a frontier of biomedical science and technology.

Nanxiang in Jiading District is home to an industry park with companies working on precision medicine. It opened in November 2018.

The competition kicked off in May and attracted over 100 projects.

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