How will Shanghai transform its two manufacturing hubs?

Chen Jie Sun Chao
Baoshan and Jinshan have been Shanghai's two manufacturing hubs since the 1970s. Carbon reduction is now a major concern for their further development. How will they cope?
Chen Jie Sun Chao

Today when we talk about urban planning, heavy industry is usually seen as having high energy-consumption, low efficiency and heavy pollution.

In the north and south of Shanghai, the districts of Baoshan and Jinshan have been two manufacturing hubs in the city since the 1970s.

Baoshan is known for Baosteel, China's largest iron and steel company, while Jinshan is where the local branch of Sinopec, China's largest petrochemical company, is located.

Environmental protection and carbon reduction are major concerns for the further development of the two districts. How will they cope? Let's explain.

Edited by Sun Chao. Subtitles by Sun Chao.

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