'In Shanghai, for the World' IP SHANGHAI Best Practice Exhibition: Innovation

Innovation is the fountainhead for a city's sustainable development.

Stories of businesses are playing an increasingly vital role in projecting a city's global image. Over the past decade, as businesses in Shanghai – whether they are Fortune Global 500, big SOEs or rising private enterprises – integrate into local community, urban growth, or residential life, they are also becoming part and parcel of the city's narrative.

Covering five aspects of urban construction ranging from innovation, ecology, culture, happiness to openness, this series, themed on "In Shanghai, for the World," highlights the city's major achievements over the past decade in economy, culture and residents' daily life.


Innovation is the fountainhead for a city's sustainable development. Seeking to project the city's global influence, the city's innovative growth tactic will throw into relief the urban core's edge in leveraging growth and radiating influence in light of the national strategy.

As business environment improves and with beefed-up protection of intellectual property rights, companies are vying with each other in setting up HQs, R&D centers and incubators here, trying to expose "made in Shanghai" to the rest of the world.

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