1,400 COVID cases traced in Shanghai for November

Yang Jian
The number of COVID-19 community infections reported in Shanghai in November was bigger than the total cases between July and October.
Yang Jian
1,400 COVID cases traced in Shanghai for November
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Travelers did not have to show their polymerase chain reaction (PCR) reports on arriving at Shanghai Railway Station on Thursday.

Shanghai reported more than 1,400 locally transmitted COVID-19 cases in November, but the dominant Omicron variant has been weakened compared with its predecessors, the city's top health official said on Thursday.

The number of infections in November was bigger than the total number between July and October, including 80 percent transmitted from other provinces and cities, according to Wu Jinglei, deputy office director of Shanghai's COVID-19 prevention and control leaders' team.

"The risk of infection always exists. Citizens should take it seriously, but there is no need to feel nervous," Wu told the city's COVID press briefing on Thursday.

Despite the fast-spreading nature of Omicron, the risk to people's health has tended to be mild because of widespread vaccination and the virus' mutation, he pointed out.

Wu noted that vaccination and good daily habits are crucial to preventing COVID-19 amid a national relaxation of pandemic control measures.

Eligible residents, especially the elderly, are advised to get their vaccination dose and booster shots as soon as possible.

The health habits, such as wearing a mask, keeping social distance and covering the mouth and nose when coughing are equally important, he said.

People should wash their hands frequently and avoid touching the mouth, nose or eyes before cleaning the hands. Frequent home ventilation is also quite important.

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