Annual Robotex International competition returns to China

Ma Yue
Robotex International is Europe's biggest robotics competition, with competitors from across the world. Now the event has returned to China.
Ma Yue

Robotex International, an annual robotics competition and festival, is resuming its China section this year. Preliminaries will be organized in nearly 20 cities and provinces around the country throughout 2023.

The organizers announced the preliminary schedules in Shanghai on Thursday. The Shanghai leg falls on October 14.

Annual Robotex International competition returns to China

The 2020 Robotex's Yangtze River Delta region pre-competition is held in Shanghai.

The Shanghai eSports Association is taking part in game organization and building a scoring system. The association is also planning to join hands with robot technology companies, eSports clubs and other industry practitioners to establish a committee to promote the combination of sports and technology.

First introduced in 2001, Robotex's first edition was held in Estonia's Tallinn University of Technology.

Over the years, competitions have been held in various fields like line following, labyrinth passing, volleyball, rope climbing, room cleaning, football, sea rescue mission and other tasks, involving participants from schools, universities and companies. Forums, workshops and technology exhibitions were also held.

In 2015, Robotex gained the unofficial title of being the biggest robotics competition in Europe.

Its pre-competitions entered China in 2016, carrying the mission of increasing interest in engineering and science among young people.

The China section winners will have an opportunity to represent the country and take part in the world final. The 2019 Robotex International attracted over 2,000 competitors from 49 countries and regions.

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