Shanghai to cultivate new scientific research centers

Lu Feiran
Shanghai plans to cultivate 20 scientific research and development centers and support another 200 by 2025.
Lu Feiran

Shanghai will cultivate 20 scientific research and development centers with global influences by 2025 and will help build another 200 such centers, according to a document issued by the city government today.

The centers will mainly focus on industries such as the digital economy, green and low-carbon economies, the metaverse, smart terminals and new energies and resources.

The government will give financial aid by either fiscal allotments or subsidies. Tax preferences will also be given to the centers.

Such centers will be encouraged to establish private equities and other industrial funds are encouraged to support them.

There will also be policy supports for the centers, especially on talent introduction and settlement. Talents for these research and development centers will have support on home purchases, housing rentals, children's education and medical care insurance.

Detailed policies will be announced in the near future.

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