Asian Games tickets will be available online in June

Wu Huixin
The mini program for the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou will start selling tickets for the September 23-October 8 games in June.
Wu Huixin

The 19th Asian Games will take place in Hangzhou, in the eastern Zhejiang Province, from September 23 to October 8. There are 482 gold medals to be won in the 15-day competition.

In September 2020, the Hangzhou Asian Games organizing committee launched a mini program on Aplipay app. It combines big data and blockchain technology for services like ticket sales, competition schedules, city and venue introductions and route planning. Almost everything that is essential for the games can be done through the mini program.

Step 1: Open the Alipay app and key in "SmartHangzhou2022" or Chinese characters "智能亚运一站通." Then log on to the platform.

Asian Games tickets will be available online in June

Step 2: Click the banner below, subscribe, and turn on the notifications. The system will notify you if the tickets are available for purchase online.

Asian Games tickets will be available online in June

Main venues:

Asian Games Village

The Hangzhou Asian Games Village is the first of its kind in Zhejiang Province to be designated as a National Second-Level Green Ecological Urban Zone. It boasts a variety of environmentally friendly amenities, such as solar panels, insulation, green spaces and rainwater recycling systems. Big data technology is used by the power grid to save energy and provide electricity precisely and effectively.

Asian Games tickets will be available online in June
Zhu Xujie

The "Big Lotus" stadium (front right) and the "Little Lotus" tennis center

The 'Big Lotus' Olympic stadium

With 229,000 square meters and 80,000 seats, the "Big Lotus" stadium will serve as the main stadium and athletic venue for the Asian Games.

The "Big Lotus" only used 28,000 tons of steel, 14,000 tons less than the Bird's Nest in Beijing. Modern engineering technology and new spatial structure systems have helped in the construction of megastructures and solved the challenge of decreasing the weight of beams while ensuring enough load-bearing capacity.

The Hangzhou government has prioritized its environmental initiatives. For instance, the stadium contains a rainwater recycling system that filters, purifies and reuses rainwater in order to efficiently use water and conserve energy.

The 'Little Lotus' tennis center

The "Little Lotus" can accommodate up to 15,600 people. Its dome is made up of eight steel "lotus petals" that can be opened and closed. It is the world's first rotating, retractable roof. The arena has a truss steel structure, meaning each "petal" constitutes a relatively independent part but makes up the entire dome.

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