Sign up for One Pass to be included in lucky draw

Wu Huixin Miao Zhenyang
A campaign, "See you at the Asian Games, 2023 in Hangzhou," has been launched, with one million "Asian Games Culture and Tourism Gift Packages" to be distributed to contestants.
Wu Huixin Miao Zhenyang

The global tourism promotion campaign "See you at Asian Games, 2023 in Hangzhou" was launched on June 1. Approximately 1 million Asian Games culture and tourism gift packages with Hangzhou features will be handed out to people from all over the world.

The gift packages start with online registration and have a lottery mode. Users can sign up through the One Pass applet on the Alipay app, the Hangzhou Citizen Card app, the "Discover Hangzhou" WeChat mini program, or the Hangzhou tourism official website (

The first phase registration period ends on Saturday, and the results of the lucky draw will be announced on June 13.

If you don't get lucky the first time, don't miss the second phase, which will run from August 1 to 10, with a draw on August 13.

The final one will be held from October 10 to 20, with the draw scheduled for October 23.

The draw for the 100,000 Asian Games tickets for both phases 1 and 2 will take place on August 13.

Each user can only win once. He or she cannot register for the following phase after winning the prize. The three-phase gift packages will be distributed to global users in the ratio of 4:2:4. In order to ensure neutrality, the notary office will notarize the action.

The gift package includes seven days of free Hangzhou Metro trips and free excursions to scenic locations (valid for the first entry to a scenic spot).

After activating their privileges online, lucky customers can utilize Alipay's One Pass applet to travel freely.

Simultaneously, the winners will receive a SIM card with 100-yuan credit. Within 30 days, winners must validate their information online. Domestic consumers can get free delivery from China Mobile. Users from other countries should go to specified offline locations to obtain it.

The 100,000 free Asian Games tickets are the campaign's centerpiece. Users should verify their One Pass account ahead of time. If they win, they must further confirm the data online within 14 days, after which they will receive the tickets by mail.

Domestic customers must provide their mailing address on the prize collection page after completing the real-name authentication. After September 5, overseas users must go to the China Mobile outlet in Qianjiang Shijicheng to collect them.


Asian Games tickets cannot be traded or transferred; otherwise, the right will be terminated. Please bring your ID card and a ticket to enter the venue.

Sign up for One Pass to be included in lucky draw

Step 1: Open the Alipay app and key in "SmartHangzhou2022" or the Chinese characters "智能亚运一站通." Then log on to the platform.

Step 2: Click the "One Pass" applet, agree on the authorization, and get the QR code.

Step 3: Click the banner below to sign up for the activity.

The all-in-one City Pass for travel and culture has already been utilized for public transportation, ticket reservations and entrance to local parks. The platform allows users to make reservations for approximately 40 scenic sites and over 100 museums, or libraries, throughout the city.

Personal information modification is currently not supported. The rights and interests become effective immediately after confirmation of usage and cannot be canceled.

If you do not collect the tickets by the deadline, they will expire and cannot be reprinted. Please validate whether you have won the prize on the event page before the deadline, and activate the gift package rights after winning the prize.

Users who win cannot select their ticket session or seat. After receiving the tickets, they will be advised of their specific date and seat.

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