National security agency thwarts another CIA espionage case

Zhu Ying
The 39-year-old Chinese national was a cadre at a government agency.
Zhu Ying

A Chinese man working for a government agency is under investigation for spying for the United States Central Intelligence Agency, China's state security ministry said on Monday.

The 39-year-old Chinese national surnamed Hao was a cadre at a government agency. During his studies in Japan, Hao met a man identified as Ted, an official from the US embassy. When Ted's tenure ended, he introduced Hao to his colleague Li Jun, prolonging their collaboration.

Before the end of Hao's studies in Japan, Li revealed his CIA affiliation, inducing Hao to become a spy. Hao agreed, signing an espionage agreement with the CIA and undergoing training.

Back in China, Hao worked at a key state department as instructed by the CIA. He shared sensitive information with CIA agents for compensation.

Following thorough investigations, China's national security agency swiftly intervened and launched legal proceedings against Hao. The case is currently under investigation.

The statement came less than two weeks after the ministry said it had discovered a national named Zeng who was suspected of spying for the CIA.

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