Suspects identified in kidnap murder case of Chinese executives in Philippines

Li Jiaohao
Philippine police say they're ready to file charges though eight are still at large following the deaths of two executives from different Chinese medical device companies.
Li Jiaohao

Eight suspects in the kidnap and murder of a Chinese citizen and a Chinese American have been identified, Philippine police said on Tuesday.

The five foreign nationals and three Filipinos remain at large.

The victims, both senior executives at two different Chinese medical device companies, arrived in the Philippines on June 20 to meet business partners. The were found dead on June 24.

Yicai Global said one of the victims was an international marketing director for Rainmed Medical, while the other was a distributor for a cardiovascular medical device company.

The two were killed after the family of one of the victims paid a ransom of 3 million yuan (US$412,600), according to previous reports.

The police said the Anti-Kidnapping Group of the Philippine National Police had prepared relevant documents and was ready to file charges against the suspects.

It was not the first case of Chinese citizens being kidnapped in the Philippines.

Just last month, four police officers in the Manila region were arrested for kidnapping three Chinese citizens and a Malaysian tourist for ransom.

Last October, Philippine police reported that six Chinese nationals had been abducted from their home in Manila, four of them were killed.

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