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Chinese vision of tianxia: a model for global peace and governance

CHINESE philosopher Zhao Tingyang, in an article titled “Can this ancient Chinese philosophy save us from global chaos?”, suggested the Chinese concept of tianxia as a way to achieve global governance. Tianxia ...

March 30, 2018, Friday

Ruled by numbers and measures, we compromise our performance

WE live in an age ruled by numbers, even though quantifying human performance compromises our performance. At the beginning of “The Tyranny of Metrics”, author Jerry Z. Muller quotes Aaron Haspel as ...

March 23, 2018, Friday

The melting pot of cultures and ideas that gives Shanghai its unique spirit as a city

AS one of the first cities to feel Western influence and culture, Shanghai as a rule boasts a strong business culture embedded deeply in its southern style manners which generally impresses northerners ...

March 9, 2018, Friday

Are we wasting time on schooling that won’t prepare us for jobs?

WHEN I took up Bryan Caplan’s “The Case Against Education: Why the Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money,” I thought about the usual case we made for education. It can allegedly broaden your ...

February 9, 2018, Friday

Traditional art show warms up, instructs local residents about the Spring Festival

WITH the Spring Festival less than two weeks away, we feel subtle changes are coming over the city. It is becoming quieter. Some shops are posting notices about scheduled suspension of business next week. Meanwhile, ...

February 6, 2018, Tuesday

Imagining digital future of cultural legacy

FROM a purely technical point of view, given the strides in 3D visualization and 3D printing, it is already possible to approximate infinitely a work of art. The digital version can be so real that for ...

January 31, 2018, Wednesday

Shanghai is unique, and we are all part of it

TAKING pride in being where you were born is often deemed a mark of “provincialism” and, paradoxically, this sentiment characterizes quite a few of the residents born here. But even the most severe critic ...

January 26, 2018, Friday

It’s time for gov’t to hold tech companies to account over rumors and fake news online

WHILE waiting for bus early last Wednesday, I saw an elderly woman saying something to a small boy that might have been her grandson. Between snatches of conversation I overheard, uttered with dramatic ...

January 24, 2018, Wednesday

China and the Middle East seek a new future together, building on past strengths

Leading experts and scholars from home and abroad gathered in Shanghai over the weekend to explore opportunities and challenges in deepening cooperation between China and the Middle East while pushing ...

January 16, 2018, Tuesday

It’s time to clean up the pollution out there clouding our cyberspace and choking us

THE last day of 2017 was shrouded in pervading smog which did not improve until the morning in the first day of this new year. Immediately in the wake of the cleanup, I and my son took a two-hour stroll ...

January 3, 2018, Wednesday


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