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Yuan: A people of diverse heritage

THERE are an estimated 7 million people surnamed Yuan, comprising 0.54 percent of the total population in China, ranking it the 37th most common surname. There are mainly four sources of Yuan as a surname. ...

November 19, 2017, Sunday

Exotic beauty Li Shishi

LI Shishi, a courtesan in the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 960-1127), is a legend. She inspired a brilliant wit to write a masterpiece, thawed the soul of a resolute and upright hero, and even captured an ...

November 19, 2017, Sunday

Laugh it off: Xiangshen style

XIANGSHENG, or crosstalk, is arguably the most popular comic performance in China, appealing to people of all ages — old and young, men and women. The closest thing to it in the West could be the Abbott ...

November 12, 2017, Sunday

Ren: old name with a proud tradition

THERE are an estimated 4.2 million people surnamed Ren in China, accounting for about 0.34 percent of the population. It ranks the 59th most popular Chinese surname. There are generally three sources ...

November 5, 2017, Sunday

Liang Hongyu

LIANG Hongyu, a brave woman in the Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279), is one of the Four Great Heroines in ancient China, along with Mu Guiying, Hua Mulan and Fan Lihua. Together with her husband, Liang exhibited ...

November 5, 2017, Sunday

Northeast’s cultural gift: a song-and-dance for two

ERR Ren Zhuan, or song-and-dance duet, is a special folk performance in northeast China, which covers today’s Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces and the eastern corner of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous ...

October 29, 2017, Sunday

4 major sources of Yu family name

THERE are an estimated 1.4 million people surnamed Yu in China. They are ranked 119th in terms of population. Yu accounts for about 0.12 percent of the total population. There are generally four major ...

October 22, 2017, Sunday

Mu Guiying

HERO, general, warrior — male images immediately come to mind. But Mu Guiying, a legendary Chinese heroine is an icon. Her name and image is the symbol of steadfastness. This renowned lady, who is a distinguished ...

October 22, 2017, Sunday

Ballad singing in most ‘melodious’ dialect

WITH a history of more than 2,500 years, Suzhou has long been known as the “Paradise on Earth” in China and “Venice of the East.” The city, which is located in the Yangtze River Delta on the shores of ...

October 15, 2017, Sunday

Concubine Ban

A perfect woman does not always have a perfect life. Good-looking, knowledgeable, kind and disciplined, Concubine Ban of Emperor Cheng of Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 24) seemed to fit all the criteria ...

October 8, 2017, Sunday


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