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Guangzhou Auto and Tencent to collaborate on intelligent and connected cars

The two partners sign a cooperation agreement to deepen cooperation on new-energy vehicles and mobility services

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd and China's Tencent Holdings agreed to collaborate on intelligent and connected vehicles, according to an announcement from the automobile group last night.

The two partners signed an agreement  to cooperate on connected vehicles, intelligent driving, cloud platform and other business sectors.

"With the deepening cooperation between two parties, GAC and Tencent are also exploring collaboration in areas such as new-energy vehicles, mobility services, e-commerce and auto insurance," Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd said in the announcement.

"With rapid development of technology and production modes, integration between automobile, telecommunication and Internet industries has become a major trend, " the automobile group said.

The two companies will partner on intelligent voice technology and intelligent mobility services for connected vehicles, according to the announcement. They will also conduct research jointly for intelligent driving. 

Guangzhou Auto and Tencent will also collaborate on cloud platform and big data for intelligent and connected vehicles. Guangzhou Auto said it will take the advantage of Tencent’s expertise in computing, artificial intelligence and data processing to further develop intelligent connected vehicle technologies.

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