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Electric SUV rental cars introduced in Shanghai

EVCard launches 3,000 electric SUV rental cars to benefit family users and those planning for cross city trips. 

Shanghai residents will be able to rent 3,000 electric SUV rental cars from today, EVCard, one of the country’s biggest hourly car rental operators, said.  

The new Roewe ERX5 cars will benefit family users and those planning for cross city trips, said EVCard.

“Shanghai has been promoting green energy cars for both personal use and for rental,” said Liu Jianhua, director of Shanghai New Energy Vehicle Promotion Office. “To make the services more convenient for Shanghai citizens will be a major target in our future regulations and management over the green energy car rental service industry. More charging stations will also be built.”

According to Cai Bin, vice president of Shanghai GM, manufacturer of the vehicle, the new electric SUV can travel for  425 kilometers. Its battery can be charged to 80 percent within 40 minutes.

EVCard first launched services in Shanghai in January, 2015, mostly in Jiading District. There are now about 7,700 EVCard electric vehicles operating in Shanghai.

Ti Gong

3,000 electric SUV rental cars are being made available in Shanghai

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