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Automakers drive to promote self-driving cars at CES Asia

The manufacturers aim to ride on the huge potential of autonomous driving in China and are hoping to impress with their technologies at the show.

Automobile manufacturers are driving all out to promote autonomous driving technologies at the 2018 Asia Consumer Electronics Show (CES Asia) on Wednesday to ride on the huge potential of China's self-driving market.

Fifty-six automotive companies exhibited their latest technologies and vehicles during this year's CES Asia whose exhibition area is nearly 50 percent bigger than last year.

“China has a big market for autonomous driving and the government is promoting its development," said Ralph Lauxmann, senior vice president of systems & technology, chassis & safety division of German auto-parts supplier Continental.

Wang Rongjiang / SHINE

"In the future, personal mobility will be based on a combination of different transport modes, with autonomous vehicles playing a key role in cities,” said Lauxmann, adding that more than 220 cities in China are expected to have a population above one million people in 2025.

"Asia is the perfect market for the advancements in self-driving technology where major cities will benefit from the gains these technologies bring – removal of human error, fewer accidents and improved mobility,” said John T. Kelley, senior director of international programs and show director of CES Asia.

Wang Rongjiang

US automaker General Motors introduced its Super Cruise hands-free driving technology on the first day of CES Asia. GM said the technology enables hands-free driving on highways and provides unmatched comfort and convenience for long-distance driving. The technology is expected to be first applied on the automaker's Cadillac CT6 40T Platinum prestige sedan, which is expected to go on sale in the near future.

GM said Super Cruise will be applied on all Cadillac models, with the rollout beginning in 2020. After 2020, Super Cruise will be adopted by other GM brands.

Wang Rongjiang

Continental said it will bring an electrically powered vehicle without a driver, steering wheel or brake pedal to China next year. Driverless vehicles for short-distance travel in cities can effectively reduce the pressure of daily travel, eliminate traffic congestion and cut traffic pollution, the company said.

Germany's Mercedes-Benz is displaying an autonomous concept car called smart vision EQ fortwo. The autonomous concept vehicle will find the user’s location and pick up passengers directly from their chosen location. 

Chinese Internet giant Baidu offers test rides of its self-driving vehicles in the show's outdoor exhibition area.

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