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Tesla resumes full production of Model 3

Hu Yumo
Electric carmaker's Shanghai plant is operating at full capacity after its temporary closure with prevention and control measures in place amid the ongoing epidemic.
Hu Yumo

Tesla's Shanghai plant has been operating at full capacity after production of its Model 3 vehicles resumed. 

Virus prevention and control measures are in place.

Before each employee arrives at work, Tesla uses digital tools to track their health conditions, ensuring that all employees are healthy and safe.

The company has sufficient masks, goggles, disinfectant and other equipment and it monitors the health of its employees daily with strict disinfetion procedures in place to ensure a safe working environment. 

The US electric carmaker said these measures will ensure the physical health of employees at the factory during the epidemic as well as the stability and safety of production.

The management committee of Lingang New Area, where the factory is located, helped Tesla return to normal production. With the committee’s assistance, Tesla received two infrared temperature check devices from Lingang enterprise Stratosphere which improve the efficiency of temperature checks of employees.

In addition, the management committee also helped Tesla obtain 10,000 respirators, disinfectant and other supplies before work resumed.

Tesla's Shanghai factory closed temporarily on January 30 amid the coronavirus outbreak and resumed work on February 10. It is one of the earliest auto companies in China to resume work and around 70 percent of its employees are back so far.

Deliveries of vehicles scheduled for early February have had to be postponed but Tesla said it is doing its best to speed up deliveries after the outbreak situation improves.

Tesla said its stores and service centers had resumed work on February 17.

Tesla's Shanghai plant has around 3,000 workers. Tesla's stores and service centers in Shanghai have 400 employees.

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