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Automakers dip toes in live-streaming waters

Hu Yumo
Car brands are turning to live-streaming events, customized digital content and influencer partnerships for new connections with customers.
Hu Yumo
Automakers dip toes in live-streaming waters

Land Rover and Cadillac are using live-streaming platforms to introduce their new vehicles to potential buyers.

Automakers are using live-streaming platforms to showcase their latest vehicles, tap new digital marketing channels and boost brand awareness as public health restrictions curtail traditional off-line promotional events.

Land Rover and Cadillac were among the first batch of car brands to test the streaming waters. Land Rover's Discovery Sport vehicle was launched via a 30-hour live-streaming event on short-video sharing app TikTok. The number of online viewers reached 158,000, and earned more than 58,000 comments.

Through exclusive live broadcasts and customized content, Land Rover said it hopes to explore innovative ways to meet consumer demands.

During the recent broadcast, senior executives from Jaguar Land Rover, Land Rover instructors and employees as well as other guests were invited to introduce their stories and experiences with the brand.

Meanwhile, GM's Cadillac brand introduced its car rental program on Alibaba’s live-streaming platform Taobao Live. Like its peer, the brand says it hopes to expand beyond traditional marketing models.

Cadillac teamed up with Li Jiaqi, a leading influencer who has over 13 million followers on Taobao Live, to introduce its car rental scheme. The luxury car brand also promoted its CT4 sedan, which will be launched in April.

Zhang Xiaofeng, an independent market analyst said that "carmakers are now testing and doing some live broadcast trials. At present, it's hard to say how many sales they can acquire through these new channels."

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