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Chongqing auto show first since COVID-19

Hu Yumo
The 2020 Chongqing auto show is attracting large numbers of industry insiders and potential buyers as the first regional auto show to be held since the COVID-19 situation improved. 
Hu Yumo

The 22nd Chongqing auto show attracted many industry insiders and potential car buyers as the first regional auto show after the conditions of COVID-19 pandemic improved in China. 

The Chongqing International Auto Exhibition, from June 13 to 21, has attracted over 80 brands from 29 countries and regions with more than 1,000 vehicles.

The Chongqing government, organizer of the exhibition at the Chongqing International Expo Center, and automakers are offering around 100 million yuan (US$14.1 million) in benefits and subsidies for potential car buyers. These include subsidies for buyers new vehicles, and coupons and discounts on cars and maintenance services.

Chongqing’s commerce commission is giving red envelopes containing 2,000 yuan to auto show customers who purchase new vehicles and sell, transfer or scrap their old cars.

Automakers including FAW Mazda, Hongqi, Lexus, have issued coupons to be used when buying cars during the event.

Highlights of the show this year are new-energy vehicles, intelligent and connected vehicles, 5G and related technologies. 

Due to the epidemic, this year's exhibition took advantage of an online ticket purchase and reservation system, monitoring the number of visitors throughout the day, implementing restrictions on reservation numbers. Audiences need to make reservations, wear masks, have their temperatures checked and show their health code before entering the exhibition center.

Wang Wei, head of the exhibition, said: "With the COVID-19 outbreak improving, resumption of work and production is in place. Consumers are allowed to participate in the auto show and related activities. The auto show is also a representative event in a series of Chongqing’s consumption activities."

Zhang Xiaofeng, an independent market analyst, said the number of people participating in the show this year was less than in previous years, but the difference was minimal. Zhang noted that some customers were taking a wait-and-see attitude and not buying vehicles at the beginning of the exhibition as they were still comparing prices and car models.

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